The leaflet with the highest guarantee is the Liberal Democratic Party, the true intention of the uncle who earns 80,000 yen a month from posting[Reiwa version uncle’s side job]Flyer posting (1/5) | JBpress

[Reiwa version uncle’s side job]Posting of leaflets

Posting costs only 1 to 5 yen per sheet, but … (Photo: Afro)

“Oh, my uncle is working in a place like this …”

In recent years, I often see “uncles” in the field of non-regular labor. Moreover, cases where so-called white-collar office workers are dispatched or working part-time have become noticeable.

45-year-old retirement age, job-based employment, and corona. As the employment situation surrounding middle-aged and older men becomes more severe, I will report on the uncle who starts a side business, with a strong but somewhat sad feeling.

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(Mioko Wakatsuki: Freelance writer)

Posting reward is 1 yen per sheet

The decline of paper media such as newspapers and magazines can no longer be stopped, as it is inversely proportional to the rise in demand for online advertising.

On the other hand, the posting industry, which distributes analog advertisements called “paper leaflets” to each household, is gradually increasing its sales. According to a research report entitled “Advertising Expenses in Japan in 2021,” the posting market is expanding to 128.3 billion yen (111.0% year-on-year).

In the past, leaflets were sandwiched between newspapers. However, some experts say that the percentage of people who take newspapers now accounts for 60% of the total, and with more severe data, only 30% of the population reads.

Unlike personalized online advertisements, paper advertisements that can be seen by an unspecified number of people still occupy an important position as an advertising medium. Posting distributes the leaflets instead of newspapers.

However, the rewards for posting staff who distribute on-site are surprisingly low. The remuneration unit price is about 1 to 5 yen per leaflet (in the case of the metropolitan area). Even if you distribute 100 sheets, it will only cost 100 to 500 yen.

Mr. J (50’s), who lives in the suburbs of Tokyo, works as a side business for posting while working as an office worker. He is said to earn about 60,000 to 80,000 yen a month from postings, but that has forced him to work quite hard.


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