The popular comedy duo appeared as fans on a national broadcast, and the sudden appearance made people say, “Eh? Seriously?” and “I blew rice during lunch.” | ENCOUNT

A popular Japanese entertainer has surprised viewers by being overtaken during a live NBA basketball game.

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The Lakers vs. Timberwolves game was held on the 8th Japan time at Arena in Los Angeles, USA. Two members of Chocolate Planet were chosen to be broadcast during the match as “FAN OF THE GAME''.

The two, dressed in Lakers uniforms, were excited to perform their favorite songs, “TT Brothers'' and “Motoya Izumi.''

Japanese fans who were watching this said, “Huh? That's serious,'' “I blew rice when I was watching the game during lunch time,'' “It's really interesting,'' “I'm going to watch Chocopla, haha,'' and “TT brothers in the United States. There were surprised voices such as, “I found out,'' and “They're good friends even in private.''

In the game, Rui Hachimura struggled with 30 points, but the Lakers lost 117-127.


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