The popularity of Korean traditional sweets, the “Yakgwa Boom,” which the Japanese were ahead of Koreans. Why is the popularity different in Japan and Korea? (I Korea U Aiko) – Expert

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Do you know the traditional Korean sweet called Yaggwa?

Yakgwa is a traditional Korean snack made from a mixture of flour, honey, cinnamon, and other ingredients. It has long been a popular snack in Korea. It is often used as an offering to the dead.

Yaggwa can now be easily purchased in Japan, but there is a reason why there are so many modern brands selling this traditional sweet!

This time, we will be visiting Namba CITY, a one-minute walk from Namba Station in Osaka.munit Namba City store” has arrived!

This store has a wide selection of Korean cosmetics, Korean snacks, and Korean ramen! I think many people go to Korea Town because they want to buy Korean cosmetics, but this store has the best selection of the latest Korean cosmetics.The munit Namba City store had an overwhelming number of customers compared to the entire Tsuruhashi store.

Now, back to the main topicAs for the popularity of Yakgwa, although it is not widely known, it was actually more popular among Japanese people than among local Koreans!

Why Yakgwa is Popular with Japanese People

taste:It has a cinnamon scent and a moist texture.
It has a soft cookie feel and a hard texture, like Okinawa's sata andagi.
It's like a moister, more concentrated version of the familiar flavor.
Appearance:It is shaped like a flower and has a cute shape.
Price range:You can buy it for around 200 yen.
In other words, whether you are eating it yourself or giving it as a gift, traditional Korean sweets are cute with floral patterns, have familiar flavors, and are easy to buy because they are in a reasonable price range! They also make great souvenirs! That's why they became popular!

Why Yakgwa became so popular among Koreans

The reason why yagga has become so popular in Korea since last year due to the Korean retro boom is a little different from that in Japan!

The original reason for this is actually the trend that is an extension of the Tangful boom! Tangful is derived from the traditional Chinese sweet “Tanghulu”, and is now very popular in Korea as fruit candy (strawberry candy, grape candy, etc.)!
Korea also has sugar-coated sweets! So a famous influencer made a video of himself eating yakgwa mukbang, and it became a big hit in Korea!

That's why the yagga available in Japan comes in mini sizes, is affordable and comes in gorgeous packaging, making it easy to give as a gift!

Recently, yaggwa containing apples has also appeared!

The Pororo Yagga that I saw in a Korean convenience store during my trip to Korea last month has arrived! I'd like to try it and see what it's like inside!

This time, Munit kindly provided us with yagga (sweet snacks)!
This time, Munit kindly provided us with yagga (sweet snacks)!

You might be wondering if the inside is filled with potato chips!

The main ingredients are flour, sugar, and cinnamon powder! I learned this for the first time!

When I opened it, I was surprised to find that they were individually wrapped!

They're great as souvenirs to give out to others in Korea, or as a snack to eat one at a time whenever you like!

I won Pororo, the main character from Pororo!

I'm so lucky!!!

The taste is just like yaggwa, and the cinnamon scent isn't too strong, so it's like a moist cookie that everyone can enjoy!

This time, we explained the “Yakgwa” boom, a traditional Korean confectionery that Japanese people were ahead of Koreans in, and why the reasons for its popularity are different in Japan and Korea!

If you're interested, here's a quick look at the atmosphere inside the store:movieCheck it out!

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