“THE ROOM TOUR”, which boasts the largest number of SNS followers in Japan in the custom-built housing industry, has started an Instagram advertisement placement plan for housing companies | Press release of The Room Tour Co., Ltd.

■ Background of service release

Launched in the spring of 2020, THE ROOM TOUR held a “365-day home-building counseling session” using Instagram’s stories function, and distributed content that caught up with the needs of home-building users, resulting in a total of 430,000 SNS followers. I broke through people. (Instagram: 285,000, TikTok: 102,000, YouTube: 50,000)

Number of followers for each mediaNumber of followers for each media

In order to realize the idea that “the life you want to live in is here”, we will start an Instagram advertisement placement plan for housing companies from June 2, 2022 (Thursday) with the aim of matching followers and housing companies.

An operational test was conducted in March 2022. When I posted the property of the housing company that cooperated with me on Instagram, I got 3 contracts in 2 weeks.

Based on the results of this operational test, we decided to expand our advertising plan nationwide with the mission of supporting the housing industry, which is struggling to attract offline customers in Korona-ka.

We will establish THE ROOM TOUR’s Instagram, which receives 12 million impressions a month, as a new means of attracting customers and increasing awareness in the custom-built housing industry.

We also aim to maximize the effectiveness of our Instagram ad placement plan by linking YouTube channels with more than 50,000 subscribers and TikTok with more than 100,000 followers.

■ Service content list

・ Instagram feed posting
・ Instagram Stories posted
・ Instagram reel posting
・ Posted on YouTube
・ Posted on TikTok

We will propose the most suitable plan that combines the above plans according to the customer.

■ Media overview

THE ROOM TOUR follower attributeTHE ROOM TOUR follower attribute

* Followers: 241,000, monthly impressions: 12.7 million, monthly reach: 1.8 million

Follower attribute of THE ROOM TOURFollower attribute of THE ROOM TOUR

■ Instagram posting example

  Publication record: Feather Home Co., Ltd. Publication record: Feather Home Co., Ltd.

Publication record: Sun Kobo Co., Ltd.Publication record: Sun Kobo Co., Ltd.

■ Media appearance results
NHK broadcast “Close-up Gendai” (2022.05.31) Appeared in “Manga and drama !?” Vertical content “is in vogue!”

Image quote from NHK official websiteImage quote from NHK official website

■ Future direction

By the end of May 2025, we will support 50 housing companies and contribute to the conclusion of 500 contracts by further activating communication with followers and growing into a media filled with ideal living. I am aiming.

■ Company profile
Company name: The Room Tour Co., Ltd.
Representative: Arisa Sekimizu
E-mail: info@the-roomtour.com
Representative phone number: 070-1529-6173
Site URL:https://the-room-tour.com/hp/

Web media:https://the-room-tour.com/


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