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Thinking about advertising expenses in Japan in 2023

Publication date and time 2024/05/01 00:00

Takashi Furukawa, Representative Director of ABC Corporation (Honorary Advisor, Disease Awareness (DTC) Study Group) This year, Dentsu Inc. has announced “Japan's Advertising Expenditure in 2023'' and is also providing a booklet. It has already been covered and reported in the media, but let's look at the content and think about the main points. “Advertising Expenditures in Japan”, which is published every year, is based on Dentsu's advertising expenses spent in Japan for one year (January to December) in four media media (including television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and satellite media). , the Internet, and promotional media advertising media fees and advertising production costs are estimated with the cooperation of media companies, advertising production companies, advertising companies, various organizations, etc. Other indicators for looking at Japan's advertising market include “Advertising Expenditures of Leading Companies'' by the Nikkei Advertising Research Institute and “Current Statistics on Specified Service Industries'' by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

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