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From the Billboard JAPAN chart, a notable chart that vividly reflects popular TikTok songs that are one of the starting points of hits “TikTok Weekly Top 20” will also be picked up by THE MAGAZINE.

In this week’s “TikTok Weekly Top 20”, two songs, Mrs. GREEN APPLE “Dance Hall” and Ruby Kurosawa (Ai Furihata) from Aqours “Cotton Candy Ei Oh!” Akuma no Kiss (Kanano & Katie), which first appeared last week, took first place, while NAYEON’s “POP!” and Wednesday Campanella’s “Edison” came in second and third, respectively. Tabudai’s “You”, which also appeared for the first time last week, ranked 7th. Bocchiboromaru, PAIN, and Needle Spiko also entered the charts.

TikTok Weekly Top 20 [2022/08/03 公開(集計期間:2022年7月25日~7月31日)]

Ranking of this time last rank title artist Number of chart-ins
1 Five devil’s kiss Devil’s Kiss (Shivering Kanano & Katie) 2
2 1 POP! NAYEON Five
3 2 Edison wednesday campanella 9
Four 3 Otose Thunder rags Ten
Five Four earrings Kubotakai Four
6 dance hall Mrs. GREEN APPLE 1
7 Ten You many departments 2
8 9 Chuki Chuki Hurricane Naniwa boys Five
9 6 not okay Perfume 2
Ten 11 Beat Automotivo Tan Tan Tan Viral WZ Beat 2
11 13 my cutest place FRUITS ZIPPER 11
12 14 melt bitter Moka Sato 11
13 8 Shopping Goo PAIN Five
14 19 Romeet Four eight 48 6
15 Cotton candy Eeeeeeeeeee! Ruby Kurosawa (Ai Furihata) from Aqours 1
16 7 Habit SEKAI NO OWARI 14
17 12 hey YOAKE 8
18 Song of “Pien” Needle speaker 31
19 15 ichiban King & Prince 7
20 Daishikyu Daishikyu femme fatale 16

Tabu University’s “You” that entered the charts again this week


TikTok Weekly Top 20 :
A chart that measures the popularity of songs on the short movie platform “TikTok”. We receive quantified data from TikTok on how songs are used and viewed in videos, and multiply it by a coefficient originally developed by Billboard Japan to generate a ranking of the top 20 songs.
(From Billboard JAPAN)


Billboard Japan


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