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July 30, 2022

In August, October, and December, the Tottori Prefecture High School Entrance Examination Unified Mock Exams will be held at venues in the eastern, central, and western prefectures of the prefecture, targeting third-year junior high school students who are aiming to take the high school entrance exams next spring. Based on the trends of high school entrance exams, the exams will be held in the same format as the actual exams, and participants will be provided with materials that serve as guidelines for future study, such as graded answers and personal report cards.

Schedule 1st = August 21st (Sun) ▽ 2nd = October 23rd (Sun) ▽ 3rd = December 4th (Sun)

◆ Exam fee 4,000 yen

[Overview of the 1st event]

◆Venue East: Nihonkai Shimbun 5F Hall, etc. ▽Central: Nihonkai Shimbun Central Headquarters Hall ▽West: Yonago Convention Center, Wakaba Study Group Sakaiminato School

◆Examination Subjects Japanese language, mathematics, social studies, English (including listening), and science, 50 points each.English 60 minutes, others 50 minutes

◆ Application[Web]Apply by filling in the required information on the website by August 16th. (Access the Implementation Committee website)[Counter]Apply directly with the examination fee by August 20th. Application forms are placed at each school of the Executive Committee (for details, see the advertisement dated 18th in this paper or the Executive Committee website)

◆Implementation Committee Eastern area = telephone 0857 (22) 6896, Asunaro Preparatory School ▽Central area = telephone 0858 (22) 9795, Chuo High School (Sakamoto preparatory classroom) ▽ Western area = telephone 0859 (33) 3471, Wakaba Study Group

Sponsor Shin Nihonkai Shimbun Tottori Prefectural High School Entrance Examination Unified Mock Exam Implementation Committee


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