Why is Sakurazaka46 Mio Matono and Hitozuki Yamashita's “Japanese Ramen Journey” so popular? The comfort created by the interaction between two people – Real Sound|Real Sound

Sakurazaka46's YouTube channel “Sakurazaka Channel” is about to celebrate its one year anniversary.

“Sakurazaka Channel” was established as Sakurazaka46's second YouTube channel, and posts backstage scenes from the manager's perspective as well as members' personal streams. Recently, a video of Marino Kosaka pulling a prank on Yasuno Tamura has been viewed over 500,000 times (as of April 22, 2024), and there have been many comments such as “If you turn there, Sakurazaka? ” (TV Tokyo) has become popular because of its approachable content from a different angle.

The main content of the current “Sakurazaka Channel” is the individual distribution of members. Up until now, Sakurazaka46 had only been able to share their personal hobbies and preferences with content aimed at fans, such as personal PVs and SHOWROOM distribution, but this channel has become a valuable place for members to share their interests with the outside world. There is. Most of the videos are YouTube videos, such as cooking videos, travel videos, and videos of the members trying their hand at horse racing, and they are unique in that they can be enjoyed by not only Sakurazaka46 fans but everyone.

The long-running video series following Ten Yamazaki's “Ten Tabi'' is Mio Matono and Hitozuki Yamashita's “Japanese Ramen Journey.'' Matono and Yamashita are known as a good friend among the third generation members, and Matono's blog reveals that they often eat Hakata ramen and sushi, making it a food report video by the best friend duo.

[Clairvoyant]Ramen lovers Nomi Ao and Yamashita Hitozuki try Jiro style for the first time! 【Vol.1】

The memorable first video is a video of a visit to the popular ramen shop “Clairen.” From a fan's perspective, it's a valuable video of him slurping up a hearty bowl of ramen, so-called Jiro-style ramen, and it's also a mouth-watering video as a food terror video. Perhaps due to the popularity of the first video, the second video was uploaded on March 21st of this year, titled “[Fukuchan Ramen Ichiran]Matono and Yamashita's Japan Ramen Trip Fukuoka Edition[Part 2]”. During the nationwide tour “Sakurazaka46 4th ARENA TOUR 2024 New Sakurazensen -Go on back?-” which started in February, we visited local ramen chain restaurants in Fukuoka Prefecture, “Fukuchan Ramen” and “Ichiran”. In this video, it is revealed that Matono likes the noodles hard while Yamashita prefers them softer.They enjoy the authentic tonkotsu ramen in Fukuoka, and at the end they each have a different tonkotsu ramen. He showed off his full potential. At the end of the video, Ichiran dutifully writes their impressions on the “Customer Feedback/Request Card.''


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