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The diamond editorial department picks up recommended articles that you want to read during Golden Week (GW)! I will introduce by theme. Today, we have picked up 3 articles about “real estate”. We will deliver popular articles that have been particularly well received by Diamond Online member readers.

The reason why the wealthy Japanese are increasing the merit of Photo: FIFO

The long-standing “controversy over whether to buy or rent a home” among the wealthy. In Japan, where the population is declining, there are a certain number of wealthy people who choose to rent because they think that having real estate as an asset is not attractive. The author, who has supported the asset management of the wealthy, agreed with this, but he changed his opinion 180 degrees in response to the recent changes in the international situation. What is the reason?

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The reason why Japanese wealthy people are increasing the merit of Structural defects related to strength and earthquake resistance were found in about 80% of newly built detached houses (photo is an image) Photo: FIFO

Sales of newly built single-family homes are strong. Newly built single-family homes are gaining popularity due to multiple factors such as the spread of remote work due to the Korona-ka, the revision of lifestyles due to nesting, and the soaring prices of newly built condominiums. However, 80% of them are called defective houses. What are the serious circumstances of a series of construction defects?

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The reason why Japanese wealthy people are increasing the merit of The photo is an image Photo: FIFO

When moving an apartment, the deterioration of relationships between residents is often a factor. In that case, the author points out that we will move to a condominium that fits our height. Therefore, the average annual income of residents for each condominium is calculated and ranked. How about using it as an index for choosing a property?

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The real estate market is uncertain due to the spread of the new corona infection and the postponement of the Olympic Games. Mr. Osamu Nagashima, Chairman of the real estate consulting company “Sakura Office”, will report on the hot topics related to the real estate industry, from the latest trends in the real estate market to how to choose the right home.


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