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Demand for advertising will increase due to activation of real events and tourism, research by Dentsu

Dentsu has announced “Japan's total advertising expenditure in 2023''. Total advertising expenses for the year reached a record high of 7,316.7 billion yen (103.0% compared to the previous year). In the first half of the year, there was a recovery due to an increase in the number of real events held and the activation of domestic and international tourism and travel. Although the second half of the year was affected by the heatwave and the Middle East issue, demand for advertising increased due to increased social and economic activity.

By media, the four media outlets spent 2,316.1 billion yen (96.6% compared to the previous year), and magazine advertising expenses (116.3 billion yen, 102.0% compared to the previous year) and radio advertising expenses (113.9 billion yen, 100.9% compared to the previous year) increased. However, newspaper advertising expenses (351.2 billion yen, 95.0% from the previous year) and television media advertising expenses (1,734.7 billion yen, 96.3% from the previous year) decreased. Internet advertising expenses grew steadily to 3,333 billion yen (107.8% year on year), accounting for 45.5% of total advertising expenses.

Promotional media advertising expenses were 1,667.6 billion yen (103.4% compared to the previous year). In particular, due to the resumption and enlargement of various events, and an increase in special event planning, “Events, exhibitions, videos, etc.” increased significantly to 384.5 billion yen (128.7% from the previous year). Demand also increased for transportation advertising (147.3 billion yen, 108.3% from the previous year) and outdoor advertising (286.5 billion yen, 101.5% from the previous year), where large-scale and impactful projects increased.

Creative-related sales are downWPP,Group Mteeth4.9% increase and strong performance

According to preliminary results released by WPP, its global general agency revenues were £9.8 billion (+1.3% year-on-year). Among them, creative agencies (VML, Ogilvy, AKQA, Hogarth) were down 1.6% compared to the previous year due to decreased sales in the technology, retail, and healthcare industries, and GroupM, which handles media planning and buying, was down 1.6% compared to the previous year. It was strong, +4.9% compared to the previous year. PR agencies received €1.18 billion (+1.4% year-on-year) and specialist agencies received €870 million (-3.4% year-on-year).

North America, which accounts for 38% of the group's total revenue, was -2.7% compared to the previous year, but the UK, which accounted for 14%, was +5.6%, Western Europe, which accounted for 20%, was +1.8%, and other regions (Asia Pacific, South America, Africa, the Middle East, Central and Eastern Europe) was +3.7%.

Vice Media announces layoffs and suspension of distribution

Filed for bankruptcy last Maydeath,June last yearVice Media, an American media start-up that was acquired by investment funds such as Fortress Investment and Soros Fund for approximately US$350 million in 2017, has laid off hundreds of employees and reduced its website. They announced that they would stop broadcasting.

CEO Bruce Dixon wrote in an internal memo: “We have created great original content that is true to the Vice brand. However, distributing digital content in traditional ways is no longer cost-effective. It's not expensive.'' Going forward, the company will completely shift to a “studio model” and partner with major media outlets to distribute digital content, including news.

Refinery29, a lifestyle media aimed at women, will continue to operate as an independent entity, with a potential sale target currently under discussion and an announcement to be made in the coming weeks.

In terms of media, at the end of JanuaryCNN Philippinesannounced that it will cease providing news and producing programs. Business Insider, The Wall Street Journal,time magazine(The Times) also reported employee layoffs.

YSLBeaute's official Instagram content deletion becomes a hot topic

Yves Saint Laurent Beaute (YSL Beauty) has deleted all content from her official Instagram.This is said to be a “social media reset” prior to the new campaign, and will be released in a few days.Teaser videoand content for a new campaign starring Dua Lipa (singer) has been posted.

Regarding the sudden disappearance of content, there were many posts on social media expressing concern about some kind of problem and expectations that something new would happen.


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(Text: Ryoko Tasaki)


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