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Will Amazon's layoffs affect advertising companies?

It has been revealed that Amazon will cut hundreds of jobs in its video distribution service Prime Video and film and television production company Amazon MGM Studios. Live game streaming service Twitch will also lay off more than 500 people.

Gaurav Gandhi, Vice President, Asia Pacific, Prime Video DivisionInternal memoAccording to the company, it will focus on the countries and regions that will contribute the most to the service's growth and will discontinue some programs and initiatives. We will reduce investment in Southeast Asia, change our business model from original content production to licensing, and streamline operations. On the other hand, the company says it will not change its investment strategy in countries such as Japan and India.

This workforce reduction plan is expected to have a major impact on Initiative, which is part of the IPG Media brand.For the companyAmazon is our biggest clientIt will start in some countries from the end of this month.Also supports ad distribution to Prime Videodo. Initiative's services in the Japanese market include cloud services, advertising solutions, corporate services, and human resources recruitment.

Regarding the impact of the workforce reduction planCampaignhas reached out to IPG for comment, but has not received a response. However, multiple sources acknowledge that the company is being affected.

Calvin Klein ad 'classic sex object': UK regulator

An ad published by Calvin Klein in April last year has been banned by Britain's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). The target was a poster of FKA Twigs (singer-songwriter) with a denim shirt hanging over her left shoulder and her right side largely exposed. The ASA took issue with the depiction of women as sexual objects and the publication in non-targeted media. However, two ads featuring Kendall Jenner, which also show skin, are not prohibited.

Calvin Klein argues that since it is an underwear ad, it is natural for some skin to be exposed. However, the ASA determined that the FKA Twigs ad focused more on the model's physical characteristics than the clothing, and portrayed her as a classic sexual object. On the other hand, regarding Kendall Jenner's ad, “It is stylized through poses and does not focus on the model's body,'' and “The underwear she was wearing is conspicuous, so it could be interpreted as a lingerie ad.'' It was concluded that “high.''

FKA Twigs (left) and Kendall Jenner (2 pieces on the right) poster

FKA twigsInstagram“I don't see what they call a 'classic sexual object' label. I see a beautiful, strong person of color who has overcome more pain than you can imagine. I am a woman,” she posted. She criticized, saying, “When I look back at past and present advertisements, I can only think that there is a double standard.''

This month, Calvin Klein released an advertisement for men's underwear featuring actor Jeremy Allen White, which became a hot topic of conversation. ASA isCampaignHowever, the company confirmed that it is currently considering whether the ad is sexually explicit.

Expedia’s commercial for Japan focuses on the emotional part of travel

Online travel agency “Expedia” has released a commercial for Japan. Three American country dance students found a great deal on Expedia, including round-trip airfare and lodging to the home of Nashville. Muster up the courage to go on a trip and enjoy dancing with the locals. The film was directed by Hiro Murai, a Japanese-born American film director.

“We believe that Expedia's role as a brand is to break down barriers to travel and build bridges to better travel experiences,” said Vice President of Global Marketing. Mr. Luke Harris. He points out that while travel is inherently highly emotional, many in the industry have focused only on the last part of travel planning: booking. He added that the new brand message, “Usuna no Sotohe,'' created exclusively by Japan, is “a message that connects with travelers who have experienced the coronavirus pandemic and reminds people of their fundamental desire to travel.''

Spikes Asia reveals some speakers

The 38th Spikes Asia, Asia's largest advertising festival, has announced some of the speakers for the event to be held in Singapore from March 13th to 14th.

The program will discuss challenges faced by creators and marketers, such as the role of creativity in growing brands and increasing business value, cultural changes in the Asia-Pacific region, and the impact of technology. So far, speakers from both brands and advertising companies have been announced, including Andrew Robertson (BBDO) and Sir Martin Sorrell (S4 Capital). Other speakers and content will be announced soon.

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(Text: Ryoko Tasaki)


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