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Komehyo, which is engaged in the brand reuse business, has achieved results by utilizing the women’s magazine “Harmek” for seniors in an advertising measure aimed at increasing awareness and promoting the use of the “home delivery purchase” service. Advertisements that appealed to the company’s thoughts toward the usefulness of the service and the realization of a sound-cycle society attracted readers’ sympathy and led to the promotion of the use of the service.

Mr. Yu Nakajima, General Manager of Komehyo Marketing Department, Mr. Akira Goto, General Manager of Harumek Age Marketing Sales Bureau

I want to meet the growing needs for selling second-hand goods nationwide

Komehyo, which has been involved in the brand reuse business since its establishment in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, is currently pursuing growth strategies such as large-scale store opening plans with the aim of expanding its market share in the brand reuse industry.

With the mission of “providing a new value of relay use by connecting the” good quality “of the world forever,” “purchasing” to procure high-quality second-hand goods and “purchasing” through stores and online stores In addition to “sales”, we will focus on “maintenance” and “remake” to improve the value of second-hand goods and add new product value. In 2020, “KOMEHYO SHINJUKU”, a three-building system, was relocated and opened at the east exit of Shinjuku Station, which is one of Japan’s leading commercial areas and is known as the “Mecca for brand reuse.”

Flagship store in Shinjuku, Tokyo “KOMEHYO SHINJUKU”

In parallel with the opening of stores, we go to department stores and shopping centers all over the country to hold purchase events to assess jewelry and watches. The purchase event aimed at expanding the purchasing channel has been well received by seniors in their 60s and 80s who refrain from going out due to the Korona-ka, but the number of requests to hold the event has exceeded the number of in-house resources. became.

Mr. Yu Nakajima, General Manager of Marketing Department, said, “While interacting with customers at the purchase event, I felt that the demand for selling second-hand goods was increasing. I decided to try to popularize the available “home delivery purchase”. “

I am convinced that the philosophy of Komehyo and the values ​​of readers match.

Komehyo is run by the Sendenkaigi to select a partner to appeal for “home delivery purchase”.Japanese mediaWas utilized. What caught my eye was the proposal of “Harmek,” which develops a publishing business specializing in seniors. “I felt that Komehyo’s values ​​for relay youth match the readers of” Harumeku, “which is the number one sales volume for women’s magazines,” says Harumek Age Marketing Sales. It is Mr. Akira Goto, the director. “Harmek” is the main reader in the 60s and boasts a sales volume of more than 400,000 at the time of coverage (ABC number of copies 368,000 copies), which is also a great effect as an advertising medium. It has been demonstrated. Mr. Goto emphasizes not only the strength as an advertising medium but also the high affinity between rice soldiers and readers as the main point of the measure.

“Many of the readers of’Harmek’are highly conscious of the SDGs and are willing to take actions that contribute to the creation of the next generation of the earth and society. Relay-use, which is based on the idea of ​​”providing excitement to those who get it,” is an initiative that embodies the SDGs. In the promotion of “home delivery purchase,” if we can appeal the concept of relay-use along with the service characteristics, we will appeal to readers. I thought you could sympathize with me. “(Mr. Goto)

Mr. Nakajima, who received a proposal based on reader analysis, looks back on his feelings at that time. “I think that the idea of ​​relay use and the values ​​of” Harumek “readers who are highly eco-conscious are certainly similar. The main users of” Home delivery purchase “were supposed to be active seniors. There is a growing sense of expectation for measures that reach the target pinpoint. “

Accurate planning based on reader psychology

Following Harumek’s suggestion, Komehyo posted a tie-up advertisement with postcards in the February 2022 issue of Harumek. It is said that Harumek’s planning ability is utilized in the content that introduces the flow of “home delivery purchase” and relay use in 5 steps.

“Initially, Komehyo wanted an advertising plan centered on relay use, but in the end, the procedure for” home delivery purchase “was made up with content that appealed in an easy-to-understand manner. After that, I proposed to make the content more responsive, such as inquiries and applications, “(Mr. Goto).

Regarding the advertising structure, Mr. Nakajima commented, “It was a very challenging project,” and “I’m glad that we can finish what we want to convey and appeal to the” Harumek “specification. At that time, I received logical and frank opinions from the perspective of the editorial side who deeply understands the reader, so I was convinced that I could leave it to Mr. Harumek’s proposal. “

As a result of the tie-up advertisement, the application for the “home delivery purchase” kit exceeded expectations, and 88.7% of the assessed amount was concluded.

Profit-appealing approaches such as “increasing the purchase price” and “expensive purchase” are common for advertisements for purchase services, and although the advertisement that puts out the procedure of “home delivery purchase” and the idea of ​​relay use in the foreground was challenging. It was a good reaction.

Mr. Goto said, “I think this is not only because the readers found the convenience of” home delivery purchase “but also because they sympathized with the idea of ​​relay use. Favorable comments such as “I think it’s a good system” and “It’s impressive that a professional craftsman remakes it” were sent to this advertisement. “

[Results of measures to utilize “Japanese media”]

Mr. Nakajima analyzes that in addition to Harumek’s planning ability, the high reliability as an advertising medium also led to good results. “While the reuse industry is booming, the image of consumers is not always good due to the influence of some businesses that purchase by malicious methods. When it comes to” home delivery purchase “, important things are at hand. You will be more anxious because you will be away from it.

Overcoming that psychological hurdle and becoming the driving force behind the receipt of nearly 100 applications is none other than the high level of trust in “Harmek.” I think that the fact that the destination of the attached application postcard was “Harmek”, which is trusted, also helped the readers to feel at ease. “(Mr. Nakajima)

Insert postcards addressed to Harumeku Co., Ltd.

A new concept that creates service understanding and empathy

Mr. Goto said that continuous advertisement placement on “Harmek” can be expected to have a “cumulative effect” of recognition and interest, and as a new direction of advertisement, “in a dialogue format between purchase users and reuse product purchasers. It is also effective to convey the real impressions of both parties. It is also effective to convey the appearance of people living a happy life through the relay youth circle created by Komehyo when considering purchase services such as “home delivery purchase”. It should be a safe material for you. “

Komehyo will continue to strengthen individual purchases and retail businesses. Mr. Nakajima said, “Through” Harumeku, “which boasts a sales volume of more than 400,000 copies, we were able to appeal the existence of rice soldiers, approach potential customers of” home delivery purchases, “and expand the scope of purchases. After evaluating this measure, he also mentions his contribution to company-wide movements.

“We have just defined the business domain as” curiosity manufacturing “at the turning point of the 75th anniversary. From now on, we will not only add value through the secondary distribution process, but also” what to buy next “and” after purchase “. I will create even more excitement such as “What should I do with my life?”. Such activity is also a part of communication with “Harmek” readers, so I would like to continue to have a connection with Mr. Harumek. (Mr. Nakajima)

■ “Japanese media”Here

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