KDDI’s nationwide communication failure attracts attention–Reading popular weekly articles (June 29-July 5) –CNET Japan

Here are the top 5 most popular articles published in CNET Japan during the week (June 29-July 5, 2022). What articles have caught the reader’s attention?

First place:The reason why KDDI held an unusual emergency press conference “in the middle” of communication failure–how to disseminate information to be asked

Briefing session on large-scale communication failure held on July 3

Briefing session on large-scale communication failure held on July 3

 KDDI’s communication failure that occurred from early morning on July 2 to 3:00 pm on the same dayAn article explaining the contents of the press conference held on the 3rd by Makoto Takahashi, the president of KDDI.

At a “quite unusual” press conference held the day after the disability, he apologized for the series of disabilities and explained the effects and circumstances of the disability.

In addition, the article about the communication failure of the company is ranked in the 3rd and 5th place, and it can be seen that the impact on society is great.

2nd place:Is this perfect for your trip?8 useful functions of Google

Courtesy: Angela Lang / CNET

Courtesy: Angela Lang / CNET

The summer travel season is finally here. This article introduces how to find cheap flights and restaurants on the road using “Google Maps” and “Google Flights”.

3rd place:au communication failure, 17 hours lasting but not recovering–affects bus and amusement park operations

An article published on the day of KDDI’s failure. According to a report by reporter Fujii, who wrote it, it also affected the operation of buses and amusement parks.

4th:Mojo Vision smart contact lenses start wearing test–CEO demos himself

Courtesy: Richard Peterson / CNET

Courtesy: Richard Peterson / CNET

An in-house wearing test of the smart contact lens “Mojo Lens” has started. Drew Perkins, the CEO of the developer Mojo Lens, is said to be the leader.

At the moment, it is a “one-eyed only” test, but in the future, the goal is to attach two lenses to both eyes and stack the two displays to achieve stereoscopic vision.

5th place:au, communication failure nationwide–voice and data communication are difficult to connect


The first report of an article reporting on KDDI’s communication failure. The impact will last for about two days from the time this article first appeared.


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