Beats releases new advertisement “Journey to Ongaku”. Appointing young Japanese artists such as Mega Shinnosuke |

On July 6, Apple’s audio brand “Beats” released a new advertising campaign “Journey to Ongaku”.

This commercial features young artists who contribute to Japanese music culture, and is said to have expressed respect for Beats’ roots in music.

In commercials, aliens exploring the Earth have an eccentric experience of “music.” He visits a friend who is familiar with the culture of the earth in search of the answer to what music is. It is finished in a visual world where everyday life and fantasy intersect.

Mega Shinnosuke’s “Future Era” is used as the music. The cast will be up-and-coming artists and creators such as Mega Shinnosuke, Kazane, ReiNa, Sowanwan, and SHOW-GO. I’m wearing Beats’ completely wireless earphones “Beats Fit Pro” and “Beats Studio Buds”.

“Beats Fit Pro” is a completely wireless earphone featuring outstanding acoustic performance and an innovative wing tip design. In addition to adopting a unique wing tip, the ear pad that wraps a hard core with a supple material fits your ears firmly even during intense training. Achieves a comfortable and stable fit.

It supports active noise canceling function (ANC) and external sound capture function, and supports spatial audio, dynamic head tracking, and adaptive EQ.

The active noise canceling function (ANC) adjusts the sound quality up to 200 times per second according to the movement of the user. Even if the surrounding sound changes, the outward and inward microphones work together to block unnecessary environmental sounds captured by anti-noise. It is possible to listen to music in silence. The noise canceling function and the external sound capture function can be switched by pressing the “b” button on the ear pad.

Beats Fit Pro is equipped with an H1 chip that enables smooth pairing with Apple products, mounting status testing, switching of connected devices, audio sharing, and hands-free operation with Hey Siri. It also supports Apple’s “find” feature, which allows you to find it if you lose it.

In addition, by installing an optical sensor, it is possible to detect the attachment and detachment of earphones. You can use a mechanism that stops playback when you remove it from your ear and resumes playback when you put it on.

Battery life is up to 6 hours when ANC or external sound capture mode is on, and an additional 21 hours of playback is possible by using a pocket-sized charging case that can be charged with USB-C, and the battery drive time is adjusted. It will be 27 hours.

In adaptive equalization mode, the left and right earbuds have a playback time of 7 hours each, and a total of 30 hours when using the case. Even if the battery is low, the Fast Fuel function allows you to play for 1 hour with a quick charge of 5 minutes.

Beats Fit Pro is also compatible with Android devices, and you can set up your earpads using one-touch pairing and guided fit tests by downloading the Beats app for Android.

The waterproof grade is equivalent to IPX4, and it is sweat- and water-resistant. The color lineup is stone purple, sage gray, Beats white, and Beats black, for a total of four colors.

“Beats Studio Buds” is Beats’ second complete wireless earphone. The first was the sports model “PowerBeats Pro” released in May 2019, which featured a large ear hook, but the “Beats Studio Buds” has become more compact and easier to use in everyday life. There is.

The biggest point of this product is that it is equipped with an active noise canceling (ANC) function, which eliminates ambient noise and allows you to listen to music in a quiet environment. Real-time adaptive gain control allows you to block wind and ambient sounds, uses an algorithm to monitor source files, and simultaneously corrects and removes distortions that affect audio up to 48,000 times per second. That is.

There are two listening modes, “active noise canceling mode” and “external sound capture mode”. You can switch by pressing and holding the “b” button on the earphone.

It is made with particular attention to sound quality. A unique 8.2 mm driver that uses two diaphragms mounts a rigid piston shaft in a flexible housing. The dual-chamber acoustic structure achieves a high degree of stereo separation, and by reducing the harmonic distortion (distortion) over the entire frequency curve, each sound can be heard clearly.

This product comes with three types of silicone ear tips. The lightweight design of 5g per earbud makes it comfortable to wear all day long.

In addition, it is equipped with a dual beamforming microphone, making calls comfortable. Clear sound is achieved by removing wind noise and ambient noise.

“Beats Studio Buds” can be paired with Apple devices and Android devices with one touch. Since it does not have a W1 / H1 chip, it does not allow seamless migration between Apple devices like AirPods Pro, but pop-ups appear when connecting, and the connection itself is designed to be smooth.

For connection with Android, you can use functions such as built-in control, battery level check, and firmware update by using the Beats app for Android. It also supports “Hey Siri” on iOS devices.

Waterproof performance is equivalent to IPX4 grade. It can also be used in sweaty sports and in the rain.

Battery life is up to 8 hours with earphones alone. It can be used for a total of 24 hours by using the battery case. When ANC or external sound capture mode is turned on, it can be played for up to 5 hours, and by using the battery case, it can be played for a total of 15 hours.

The battery is powered by the USB-C port on the bottom of the battery case. It can be played for up to 1 hour with a 5 minute charge. It does not support wireless charging. The color lineup is white, black, Beats red, sunset pink, moon gray, and ocean blue, for a total of 6 colors.

(Image: Apple Japan)

Beats, Beats by Dr. Dre and the “b” logo are trademarks and service marks of Beats, a subsidiary of Apple.


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