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“High raw material prices,” “Supply network disruption,” “Prolonged invasion,” … Management’s worries are endless.
Shinya Yamada, a popular YouTuber certified accountant and million-seller writer, said, “Sales after Korona-ka! Sales! It’s dangerous for a manager to rush employees …”Sales addiction / danger alarm“Issued.
Mr. Yamada said, “Books of this level rarely come out. One book every 20 years. There is no reason not to read it.There is a book that asserts. “The law of minimizing sales and maximizing profits ── 29% profit margin The secret of management(Written by Katsutoshi Kinoshita).
The author, Mr. Kinoshita, started his own business by himself → No sentence in fraud → Listed for the first time in history for 4 consecutive years → Currently active as president and active marketer of TSE Prime, at the forefront of D2C. Mr. Kinoshita’s words have gained a lot of sympathy on SNS. What is the appeal of President Kinoshita’s maiden work, which won the “2021 Startup Venture Industry People’s Choice Business Book Award”? I asked Mr. Yamada.

last timeWas an interesting story of “enka strategy” and “a true success to suppress the instinct that you want to stand out”. It’s an episode that shows the personality of President Kinoshita, but what kind of person do you think Mr. Kinoshita is? I don’t think I’ve met you yet.

Shinya Yamada (hereinafter Yamada):verySincere personI guess it might be.

Yamada:I thought so, everythingthis bookIt is when I finished reading and looked at cover table 1.

Yamada:“For ordinary business owners,”Profit margin 30% The secret of managementI dare to say, “Profit margin 29% Management secretI felt sincerity in the fact that the subtitle was the exact number.

Yamada:On the other hand, by setting it to “29%”, on the contrary,RealityIt may have been the purpose of issuing it.

Yamada:Business books depend on realityI think. It’s a very important factor for me.

Yamada:Without reality, it would be useless to the reader and would be boring.

This is the same as a TV drama, and when the reality disappears, it will be “dumb”.

Whether it’s a romantic comedy or a gag, there’s no such person! When that happens, my heart is already separated. Business books are exactly the same.

That point,this bookIs realistic because TSE Prime listed president and active marketer President Kinoshita will generously transfer reproducible know-how while struggling at the ongoing D2C site. No, there is too much reality,I’m worried if I can put it out so faris.

Here tooIntegrity, sincerityIs overflowing.

Drucker used to preach the importance of “seriousness”,this bookWhat makes you feel so refreshed ever since you read? I thought, but sincerity seems to have the secret.

Yamada:this bookLike a Drucker book,A book that will continue to sell for a long time, like the snow that piles upI think.

I never thought I would hear from Mr. Yamada about “honesty” or “sincerity.”

Yamada:Whether you are a business owner who is in trouble, a business owner who is in great shape, or a business person who thinks that the business book has nothing to do with it, I hope you will read it in the sense of “correcting your residence”. increase.

 this bookfor,47 calculation examples, 44 charts, 15 formulasThere is, but the book that I notice so much isOne in 10 years, no, one in 20 yearsmaybe.

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