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“High raw material prices,” “Supply network disruption,” “Prolonged invasion,” … Management’s worries are endless.
Shinya Yamada, a popular YouTuber certified accountant and million-seller writer, said, “Sales after Korona-ka! Sales! It’s dangerous for a manager to rush employees …”Sales addiction / danger alarm“Issued.
Mr. Yamada said, “Books of this level rarely come out. One book every 20 years. There is no reason not to read it.There is a book that asserts. “The law of minimizing sales and maximizing profits ── 29% profit margin The secret of management(Written by Katsutoshi Kinoshita).
The author, Mr. Kinoshita, started his own business by himself → No sentence in fraud → Listed for the first time in history for 4 consecutive years → Currently active as president and active marketer of TSE Prime, at the forefront of D2C. Mr. Kinoshita’s words have gained a lot of sympathy on SNS. What is the appeal of President Kinoshita’s maiden work, which won the “2021 Startup Venture Industry People’s Choice Business Book Award”? I asked Mr. Yamada.

last timeWas an interesting story of “enka strategy” and “a true success to suppress the instinct that you want to stand out”. It’s an episode that shows the personality of President Kinoshita, but what kind of person do you think Mr. Kinoshita is? I don’t think I’ve met you yet.

Shinya Yamada (hereinafter Yamada):verySincere personI guess it might be.

Yamada:I thought so, everythingthis bookIt is when I finished reading and looked at cover table 1.

Yamada:“For ordinary business owners,”Profit margin 30% The secret of managementI dare to say, “Profit margin 29% Management secretI felt sincerity in the fact that the subtitle was the exact number.

Yamada:On the other hand, by setting it to “29%”, on the contrary,RealityIt may have been the purpose of issuing it.

Yamada:Business books depend on realityI think. It’s a very important factor for me.

Yamada:Without reality, it would be useless to the reader and would be boring.

This is the same as a TV drama, and when the reality disappears, it will be “dumb”.

Whether it’s a romantic comedy or a gag, there’s no such person! When that happens, my heart is already separated. Business books are exactly the same.

That point,this bookIs realistic because TSE Prime listed president and active marketer President Kinoshita will generously transfer reproducible know-how while struggling at the ongoing D2C site. No, there is too much reality,I’m worried if I can put it out so faris.

Here tooIntegrity, sincerityIs overflowing.

Drucker used to preach the importance of “seriousness”,this bookWhat makes you feel so refreshed ever since you read? I thought, but sincerity seems to have the secret.

Yamada:this bookLike a Drucker book,A book that will continue to sell for a long time, like the snow that piles upI think.

I never thought I would hear from Mr. Yamada about “honesty” or “sincerity.”

Yamada:Whether you are a business owner who is in trouble, a business owner who is in great shape, or a business person who thinks that the business book has nothing to do with it, I hope you will read it in the sense of “correcting your residence”. increase.

 this bookfor,47 calculation examples, 44 charts, 15 formulasThere is, but the book that I notice so much isOne in 10 years, no, one in 20 yearsmaybe.

[Message from the author] 

[Best-selling accountant affirms! ]<br /> One book in 20 years that “seriousness” oozes out in “secret of management with a profit margin of 29%””/></a></div>
<div class=[Best-selling accountant affirms! ]<br /> One book in 20 years that “seriousness” oozes out in “secret of management with a profit margin of 29%”” src=”https://dol.ismcdn.jp/mwimgs/9/e/1080m/img_9eae9aa5f33b560bc28cbf29cb229746445435.jpg” class=”lozad”/></a></div>
<p> </p>
<p>“Kitanotatsujin Corporation”, which I run, has sales of about 10 billion yen and operating income of about 2.9 billion yen (fiscal year ending February 2020).<br />Companies with operating profit of 2.9 billion yen are not uncommon, but within the industry, “<strong>Operating profit margin 29% is quite high</strong>Is said.</p>
<p>In fact, among the listed companies specializing in e-commerce in Japan, although it fell slightly in the fiscal year ended February 2021,<strong>Operating profit margin is still top</strong>is.<br />“<strong>Profit per employee</strong>Is higher than Toyota Motor, NTT, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, KDDI, and Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group.</p>
<div class=[Best-selling accountant affirms! ]<br /> One book in 20 years that “seriousness” oozes out in “secret of management with a profit margin of 29%”” src=”https://dol.ismcdn.jp/mwimgs/9/e/1080m/img_9e38b2da46a002ca0f18d8a9688fb805291798.jpg” class=”lozad”/></a></div>
<p> </p>
<p>Also, the high rate of return is<br />“Isn’t it because the cost rate of the product is low?”<br />“Isn’t it because the salaries of employees are low?”<br />May be said.</p>
<p>but,<strong>Cost rate is 2-3 times higher than industry standard</strong>I’m wearing<strong>The starting salary for new graduates is the second highest in Japan (2021 results)</strong>(Nihon Keizai Shimbun “Starting salary ranking 2021”).</p>
<p>Since I was founded<strong>Focus on profits</strong>I have been running the business.</p>
<p>In 2000, at his home condominium in Osaka, where he lived at that time, he started online shopping for Hokkaido specialties, “Hokkaido.<br />In 2002, he moved to Hokkaido and established “Hokkaido C.O.J.P. Co., Ltd.” (changed the trade name to “Kitanotatsujin Corporation” in 2009).</p>
<p>Currently, its main business is online sales of its own brand of health foods and cosmetics, “Kita no Koubou Kobo,” which was launched later, and is based in Tokyo, Sapporo, Taiwan, and South Korea.</p>
<p><a href=This bookNow, let’s take a look at the secret that the business started from 10,000 yen on hand, with sales of 10 billion yen and profit of 2.9 billion yen, and know-how that has become a highly profitable structure.Published for the first timedo.

My idea is simple. Stop or change operations that do not lead to profits.

for that purpose,Understand if all company activities are profitableThere is a need to.

that is”5-step profit managementIt is a unique method.

[Best-selling accountant affirms! ]<br /> One book in 20 years that “seriousness” oozes out in “secret of management with a profit margin of 29%”” src=”https://dol.ismcdn.jp/mwimgs/2/5/1080m/img_2510c553f8a61d5d041a2bf4a80e0251328366.jpg” class=”lozad”/></a></div>
<p> </p>
<p>I<strong>20 years</strong>Every month, while looking at the “5-step profit management table”, we improved our business and built a strong company.</p>
<p><a href=This bookThe composition of is shown in the chart below.

[Best-selling accountant affirms! ]<br /> One book in 20 years that “seriousness” oozes out in “secret of management with a profit margin of 29%”” src=”https://dol.ismcdn.jp/mwimgs/0/9/1080m/img_090160b923d3d402652f95cf8687638d61052.jpg” class=”lozad”/></a></div>
<p>Not a desk theory<strong>Specific know-how</strong>If you incorporate it well, your company will turn into a highly profitable structure.<br /><strong>Can be practiced in any industry, whether the base is in a big city or a rural area</strong>is.</p>
<p>In Chapter 1,<strong>Why profit is more important than sales</strong>Will be explained.</p>
<p>Many people will realize the difficulty of continuing business with the new Korona-ka. Our company also suffered great damage.</p>
<p>In preparation for such a situation, we<strong>Non-income life</strong>I have taken a strategy to extend.</p>
<p>“<strong>“Non-income life” is the period during which the status quo of management can be maintained even if sales become zero.</strong>Point to.<br />Maintain employment for all employees, pay rent, and rebuild the company in the meantime, without cost savings such as salary cuts.<br />here,<strong>How to grasp “non-income life” that can survive even with zero sales</strong>To introduce.</p>
<p>In Chapter 2,<strong>Sales OS turns into profit OS!The law of minimizing sales and maximizing profits</strong>Touch.</p>
<p>Sales can easily go up at a cost.</p>
<p>If you want to make 10 billion yen in sales, you can put a lot of advertisements.</p>
<p>However, in times of rapid change, even if sales increase during the upfront investment period, it is often the case that the market changes during the payback period and profits cannot be recovered.</p>
<p>That’s why<strong>Management method that manages sales and profits as a set</strong>Must be adopted.</p>
<p>Therefore, for a rock-solid management that is not defeated by the Korona-ka like this time,<span style=Increase profits by lowering salesI will also introduce the management method.

[Best-selling accountant affirms! ]<br /> One book in 20 years that “seriousness” oozes out in “secret of management with a profit margin of 29%”” src=”https://dol.ismcdn.jp/mwimgs/8/c/1080m/img_8cd219b63dd5d5eebd9e078618348ffd194959.jpg” class=”lozad”/></a></div>
<p>Furthermore, in order for the company to be profitable, employees must be profit-oriented.</p>
<p>Therefore, the training I am giving to employees “<strong>What to make a profit for</strong>Will be broadcast live.</p>
<p>In Chapter 3,<strong>“5-step profit management” that shows the weaknesses of the company in one shot</strong>I will explain about.</p>
<p>Those who learned about “5-step profit management” at my seminar</p>
<p>“<span style=It is clear which products contribute to profits and which products do not.
As a result of performing five-step profit management for each business division, it was found which business division was successful.
Until then, I was thinking about costs all at once, so it was an eye-opener.


Costs include costs that contribute to profits and costs that do not. We will expose hidden costs, reduce unnecessary costs, and increase profit margins.

In Chapter 4,Product strategy to win overwhelmingly in a small marketTo introduce.

Year after year, business models aiming for long-selling products with high quality products are becoming mainstream, but our companyApproximately 70% of sales by subscription.. This is the source of profit.

In Chapter 5,Sales strategy to achieve a profit margin of 29%Touch.

If you spend promotional expenses, sales will go up. However, if you spend too much, your profit will decrease.
Therefore, I will tell you “How to manage CPO (Cost Per Order)”.
moreover,How to halve sales, increase profits by 1.5 times and profit margin by 3 timesTo explain.

[Best-selling accountant affirms! ]<br /> One book in 20 years that “seriousness” oozes out in “secret of management with a profit margin of 29%”” src=”https://dol.ismcdn.jp/mwimgs/f/e/1080m/img_feb93e3eda8f2fdf998ebfbe3089a471385869.jpg” class=”lozad”/></a></div>
<p>In Chapter 6,<strong>“Enka Strategy” (Customer Strategy) that grabs the hearts of fans</strong>To introduce.</p>
<p>“Selling things” and “Selling things”<strong>continue</strong>Is different.</p>
<p>We approach only those who are interested in the product, and we will keep in touch with customers who have bought it once for the rest of their lives.<strong>Enka strategy</strong>Will be released for the first time.</p>
<p>In Chapter 7,<strong>Human resources strategy that continues to make profits even for inexperienced people</strong>Touch.</p>
<p>How to create a business system that makes inexperienced people and new employees ready to work,<strong>“The only way” to create cost awareness throughout the organization</strong>Introducing.</p>
<p>Questions I have received from many people,</p>
<p>“Why does such a small company have a market capitalization of 100 billion yen?”<br />“Why are young employees working lively?”</p>
<p>I will answer exactly.</p>
<p>In Chapter 8 (final chapter)<strong>Strategy to achieve sales of 100 billion yen and profit of 30 billion yen</strong>To introduce.</p>
<p>I am also the president and marketing manager.<br />We carry out marketing that is directly linked to management, and all marketing figures are directly linked to management figures.<br />By thoroughly analyzing the overwhelming amount of data, the algorithms of each web advertising media, and the user situation, product development and effective advertising have become two wheels, and so far, high profits have been achieved.</p>
<p><a href=This bookFor meFirst bookWill be.

this bookI wrote in the hope that those who read will increase profits as much as 1 yen and pay as much tax as 1 yen, which will lead to the development of this country.
for that reason,We hereby promise to openly disclose the secrets that make us profitable.do.

[Best-selling accountant affirms! ]<br /> One book in 20 years that “seriousness” oozes out in “secret of management with a profit margin of 29%”” src=”https://dol.ismcdn.jp/mwimgs/1/6/1080m/img_16ac2bcfc20c12af76622b74e08a530e279395.jpg” class=”lozad”/></a></div>
<hr style=

2021 Winner of Business Book Award Selected by Startup Venture Industry People!
Continue to sell
FiveOver 10,000 copies! Translation offers from China, Taiwan and Vietnam one after another!

[Main table of contents]
◎ Chapter 1: Survive even with zero salesNon-income lifeThe idea
◎ Chapter 2: Sales OS turns into profit OS! The law of minimizing sales and maximizing profits
◎ Chapter 3: You can see the weaknesses of the company in one shot5-step profit management
◎ Chapter 4: Overwhelming victory in a small marketProduct strategy
◎ Chapter 5: Achieve a profit margin of 29%Sales strategy
◎ Chapter 6: Grab the hearts of fans and keep themEnka strategy
◎ Chapter 7: Continue to make profits even for inexperienced peopleHuman resources strategy
◎ Chapter 8: Sales100 billion yen, profit 30 billion yenStrategy to realize

[Notice from the book editorial department of Diamond]

[“The law of minimizing sales and maximizing profits ── 29% profit margin The secret of management]All table of contents]


[Chapter 1]The idea of ​​”non-income life” that can survive even with zero sales
■ 1 Reborn as a solid company that does not move anything
Three Ways to Manage Recession-Free
What is “non-income life” that can maintain the status quo even with zero sales?
Four ways of thinking to extend “non-income life”
Relationship between Matsushita-style “dam management” and “non-income life”
Accurately calculate non-income life
Tricks to achieve the non-income life goal

■ 2 Departure from zero funds on hand
How to build a company learned in the middle 3 public class
Three Reasons to Start a Business Online
Why did you handle Hokkaido specialties?
Start with a capital of 10,000 yen and one PC
Lost all property due to capture fraud!
“No income life 0 months” and restart from no sentence

[Chapter 2]Sales OS turns into profit OS!The law of minimizing sales and maximizing profits
■ 1 Thinking method to manage sales and profits as a set
Reasons why profits do not increase even if sales increase
For the same profit, less sales are better
The reason why management is overwhelmingly stable when sales are low
10 times sales means “10 times risk”

■ 2 Created a profitable company and listed for the first time in history for 4 consecutive years
Although the number of e-mail newsletters issued has tripled, sales have increased 1.3 times.
From “high birth rate and high death rate” to “low birth rate and low death rate” management
“D to C” x “subscription” model inspired by Eikichi Yazawa
Profit is the purpose, sales is the process
Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, sales and number of employees are not related

■ 3 The story of “profit” that the president is giving to new employees
Is it immoral to make money?
The company that makes money is useful to many people
What is profit in the first place
What to do for a profitable company
Profit confrontation per employee!
Which is higher, “Kitanotatsujin” vs. “Toyota”, “NTT”, “Mitsubishi UFJ”, “KDDI”, or “Sumitomo Mitsui”?
Make sales OS “profit OS”

[Chapter 3]”5-step profit management” that shows the weaknesses of the company in one shot
■ 1 Products with high sales but low profits,

  How to identify products with low sales but high profits
“Hidden cost” is visualized and becomes a profit structure “5-step profit management”
Check profits by product
[Profit 1]Gross profit (gross profit)
[Profit 2]Net gross profit (coined word)
[Profit 3]Sales profit (coined word)
[Profit 4]ABC profit
[Profit 5]Operating profit for each product

■ 2 How to introduce 5-step profit management
How to classify profits
Determine expense items for 5-step profit management
Management takes the initiative to introduce and share monthly

[Chapter 4]Product strategy to win overwhelmingly in a small market
■ 1 Product development that emphasizes quality and aims for long-selling products
Reasons for changing the business model from “special products” to “health foods”
Great response to “the joy of being freed from many years of pain”
Write in the basic policy that “GDP must increase when developing new businesses and new products.”
Strategy to win in a small market
Reasons to focus on “quality”
750 items to evaluate “quality from the viewpoint of consumers”
Investigate the cause of damage with a thorough drop test
If it is NG by our standard, it will be discontinued
Final check using 1 month for all officers and employees

■ 2 Secret measures to encourage subscription (subscription)
The blind spot that does not feel the effect is in “how to use”
Creating a manual that takes advantage of zero knowledge
Even if it’s delicious, if you make a mistake in eating it, it’s over
Ultimately, whether employees will fall in love with the product
The idea of ​​making 10 products of 1 billion yen and selling 10 billion yen

[Chapter 5]Sales strategy to achieve a profit margin of 29%
■ 1 Idea method for managing “upper limit CPO” and “time series LTV”
The upper limit of CPO is “you can spend this far” SG & A expenses
What is “Time Series LTV”? The profit that customers bring to the company throughout their lives
Why issue “time series LTV” for each product x advertising medium
Strictly adhere to the upper limit CPO

■ 2 How to determine the correlation between CPO and the number of new customers acquired
Do you have more customers the more you do business?
Customer acquisition strategy as seen in “Innovator Theory”
How to calculate the optimal “upper limit CPO” and a trap that 90% of the presidents are addicted to
Check “Opportunity Loss” and “Unprofitable” with Advertising Investment Balance Index

■ 3 The law of minimizing sales and maximizing profits
Even if sales are halved, profit is 1.5 times and profit margin is 3 times
Set a maximum CPO and no more ads
Stop all ads during unprofitable times
Management method of “parent advertisement” and “child advertisement”
1.5 times sales with just 8 characters added

[Chapter 6]”Enka Strategy” that grabs the hearts of fans
■ 1 Conspicuous promotion has no merit
“Selling” and “continuing to sell” are different
The reason for the flood of TV coverage
Products to be selected after comparative examination
Why is it subscribed even after the boom is gone?
Why you can’t say that a store with lines was successful
Promotions should be unobtrusive
Even if you don’t have name recognition, you can sell if you have the ability

■ 2 A “marketing funnel” way of thinking that delivers advertisements only to those who need it
What is the “marketing funnel” that controls D to C?
Profit of 1 billion yen with recognition cost of 100 million yen
“What” of “who, what, how,” is the key to creativity

■ 3 Stay with the person who bought it once for the rest of your life
What is the “enka strategy” that continues to be loved by customers?
GLAY’s strategy to write birthday comments to fans for 30 minutes every day
Reasons for creating a “product counseling section” within the company
AKB48 is also a big hit with “Enka Strategy”

[Chapter 7]Human resources strategy that continues to make profits even for inexperienced people
■ 1 Business improvement that produces immediate results even for inexperienced people
Differences between other TSE first section companies and “Kitanotatsujin”
Grasp the “ABC profit margin” and make new graduates ready for action
The importance of operations that I realized with punk
Advantages and disadvantages of cell method and belt conveyor method
How to create an organization is different between general employees and part-time employees / general employees
Customer department improvement before and after
How to get ready for work in a week after joining the company even if you are inexperienced
A growth spiral that grows the company so that excellent people come
The first step to improvement is to take a bird’s eye view of the business.
Do not try to change subordinates.Let’s change the work

■ 2 How to identify excellent human resources
Unexpected reaction to the job advertisement “non-speaking hospitality”
How to hire “IQ130” personnel
Conversation at a warehouse part-time job that I realized that there are various values ​​for work
People who hear “free lunch” rather than “salary is 12,000 yen higher”

■ 3 Share the company philosophy with employees
What is effective in “GOOD & NEW”
The habit of “Credo” for 30 minutes every morning to raise people
Understand that one hears the same content six times at the same time

■ 4 “Cost reduction campaign” that raises cost awareness throughout the organization
A secret measure to reduce monthly costs of 1.5 million yen and annual costs of 18 million yen
Test the hypothesis that “flowers in the drawing room are in the red of 20,000 yen”
How to reduce costs by 100 million yen
The true aim of the “cost reduction campaign”

[Chapter 8]Strategy to achieve sales of 100 billion yen and profit of 30 billion yen
■ 1 Digital marketing strategy that thoroughly eliminates waste
“Quantification” and “targeting”
Four benefits of in-house production of web customers
Digital product marketing utilizing AI
What AI can do, what humans can do
How to pinpoint your target
Psychographic data shows the “reason for purchase”
Let’s aim for “Happy Triangle” by Yoshimi Mikata

■ 2 Become a next-generation global manufacturer representing Japan
Became a global brand as a representative of D to C
Selling products from Japan on Amazon in the United States
Real and online marketing research methods
Profit strategy according to the growth stage of the company
Life-changing “NTT Telephone Card” Incident
Linking items and measures of 5-step profit management

in conclusion

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