[Music program report]K-POP popular female idol group aespa owned by Japanese member Giselle! “M COUNTDOWN” will debut the comeback stage of “Girls” for the first time! – Han Star!

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Debuted in Korea in November 2020 from a major Korean music office that has a Japanese member Giselle and has produced many popular groups such as Tohoshinki, SUPER JUNIOR, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, etc. The Korean girl group aespa, which has a meta-verse concept and gains worldwide popularity with perfect visuals like a beautiful girl drawn in CG, will be on CS broadcast Mnet on Thursday, July 14th. He appeared on the popular Korean music program “M COUNTDOWN” that was broadcast live at the same time, and unveiled the comeback stage of the 2nd mini album “Girls” (Girls) released on Friday, July 8th.

The group name of aespa is a coined word that is a combination of “æ” which expresses “Avatar X Experience” and “aspect” which means “both sides”. It represents the world view of 〟. Members and ae (Avatar Eye) can be linked through “SYNC”, and P.I. O. By passing through a tube called S, he goes back and forth between the real world and the virtual world, and finally defeats his nemesis Black Mamba with the title song “Girls” of this work.

At M Ka on that day, all the members appeared in the mini interview corner. “Please support the new song and us,” he said, saying that he was nominated for the first place at the same time as the comeback. Aespa is different from the charismatic stage, and the talk when you go down the stage is fluffy and cute, and the gap is attractive. He explained the concept of the new song and point dance, and introduced the “Moshimo Game” that is popular among the members. (Continued on the next page)

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