Check it out if you like matcha!Lawson’s popular sweet “Raw Gateau Chocolate” goes well with Japanese tea (July 11, 2022) –Excite News

It’s getting hotter day by day, and it’s the season when chocolate sweets feel heavier (although sweets lovers eat hard chocolate even in the summer).

Introducing here is Lawson’s chocolate sweet “Raw Gateau Chocolat Matcha” (235 yen including tax).

■ Bright green gateau chocolate

Check it out if you like matcha!Lawson's popular sweet

The package is light-shielded, so the atmosphere is a little different.

“Raw Gateau Chocolate Matcha” is a new flavor of Lawson’s popular sweet “Raw Gateau Chocolate”. In recent years, I feel that matcha-flavored combination sweets are often released in addition to the autumn matcha season. I think it’s so popular.

■ The dough and cream are matcha flavored!

Check it out if you like matcha!Lawson's popular sweet

The contrast between black and white shines on the green fabric.

There are several variations of “raw gateau chocolate” on the market so far, but all of them are arranged with cream and sauce, and it is probably the first time that the gateau chocolate of the main body has a flavor like this time! The green fabric is also vivid to the eyes.

■ Whipped cream and matcha sauce are added to the rich dough!

Check it out if you like matcha!Lawson's popular sweet

The dough is moist and has a soft texture

Whipped cream and chocolate sauce are hidden in the center of the matcha gateau chocolate, and a dark brown sauce is hidden underneath. The matcha dough is moist and has a soft texture. You can feel the bittersweet flavor of matcha.

■ The milky taste of whipped cream and the sweetness of chocolate make it a “taste that you won’t get tired of eating”

Check it out if you like matcha!Lawson's popular sweet

Whipped cream and matcha dough go great together

It seems that you will get tired of eating only matcha dough, but when the milky feeling of whipped cream is added, the mouth will be reset and you can enjoy the next bite again. In addition, the matcha sauce is included, so the flavor of matcha is not monotonous, and the taste is three-dimensional.

■ Coffee and Japanese tea seem to go well together

Check it out if you like matcha!Lawson's popular sweet

It seems that the impression will change considerably depending on whether or not there is chocolate sauce.

The chocolate sauce on the top has a crispy texture and the sweetness of chocolate, which was also a good accent this time.

Raw gateau chocolate is sold because it is easy to eat with one hand, but since it has a rich taste, it is also correct to enjoy it slowly with a drink. “Raw gateau chocolate matcha” seems to go well with both Japanese tea and coffee. It’s a hot season, so it’s a good idea to combine it with a cold drink such as iced roasted green tea.


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