Conviva, a major video streaming technology company in the United States, launches full-scale provision of real-time measurement and analysis services for Japan | Conviva Japan GK press release

From Tokyo (May 18, 2022) – Conviva (Headquarters: Foster City, CA, USA, Japan Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter Conviva or our company), which provides a SaaS platform for measuring and analyzing video streaming viewing data in real time. , Opened the Japan office, which is a base for sales and customer support in the rapidly growing Japanese video streaming market, and released a status report showing the trend of streaming in the Japanese market.

“Conviva has invented a tool to measure and analyze video streaming viewing data in real time, and has been leading the global market including Japan with more than 58 technology patents for the past 10 years,” said Conviva Inc. President and CEO. Keith Zubchevich said: “Today, we are pleased to announce the establishment of a Japanese corporation in Japan as a base for providing services including sales, marketing, finance, legal affairs and customer support. The Japanese market, which is one of the world’s leading streaming markets, is measured by Conviva. It is a strategic growth area for analytical technology. Under the leadership of Takeshi Torii, President and Executive Officer of the Japanese corporation, we look forward to helping the market utilize the growth of streaming video. “

At the time of full-scale start, we announced a new report on the current status of streaming in Japan. The contents include the following highlights.


  • In the fourth quarter of 2021 (October-December), total streaming time growth was + 7% globally, + 0.2% in the United States, and + 92% in Japan. Shown.
  • In particular, TV streaming time has grown by + 110%, and its share of the total has grown 24 times that of the United States. This seems to be influenced by the sales of large TVs in Japan.
  • In Japan, some streaming quality indicators have improved dramatically, including a significant reduction in buffering rates and a significant improvement in image quality. In particular, the average start time is more than 30% faster than in the United States, which seems to have led to an increase in play time.

Conviva’s Current Status of Streaming Report Q4 2021 includes a comparative analysis of streaming conditions worldwide and in the United States and Japan, based on the global report released on January 24, 2022.
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“As the results of the Streaming Status Report show, the total viewing time of streaming has increased significantly in Japan, and that trend is expected to continue,” said Torii, President and Executive Officer of Conviva Japan GK. Takeshi states. “On the other hand, streaming services are increasing and competition is intensifying. In order for the streaming business to succeed in this environment, companies can continuously and comprehensively monitor the delivery quality and viewing trends of streaming in real time. It is required to be managed and is indispensable for the growth of the streaming business. Conviva Japan improves streaming quality and viewers by providing highly accurate analysis services to companies that provide video distribution in Japan. We will contribute to the acquisition of the service and play a part in the growth of Japan’s world-class streaming market. Please look forward to Conviva Japan in the future. “

About Conviva
Conviva provides a platform for streaming media research, continuous measurement and engagement. With our patented Stream Sensor ™ and Stream ID ™, our real-time platform enables marketers, advertisers, technology operations, engineering, and customer care teams to reach audiences, engage, monetize, and retain. I can do it. Conviva is dedicated to helping brands such as CCTV, DAZN, Disney +, Hulu, Paramount +, Peacock, Sky, Sling TV, TED and WarnerMedia take full advantage of the great opportunities that streaming media opens up. .. Today, our platform processes nearly 3 trillion streaming data events daily, with 4 billion applications streaming on-device trends for more than 500 million individual viewers who watch 200 billion streams annually. I’m measuring. Conviva is committed to helping digital enterprises of all sizes further improve streaming on any stream, at any moment, on any screen.

Conviva Japan GK Location: 1-8-3 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Marunouchi Trust Tower 20th floor
Representative Name: President and Executive Officer Takeshi Torii
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Takeshi Torii Biography
Engaged in media technology since 2002, contributing to the expansion of the business of major companies including Yahoo! JAPAN. He has served as the head of the Japanese business of several US-owned companies and the representative of the Japanese corporation, and after launching the limited liability company in Japan, he joined the Conviva Japan limited liability company in 2022 as the president and executive officer.


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