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The popular Japanese anime “Kimetsu no Yaiba” was exported to China, but it turned out that the costumes of the highly exposed female characters had been modified.

According to related industries on the 17th, the “Kimetsu no Yaiba: Yukaku Hen” series was released on March 5th (local time) in China. The series began airing in other countries in early December, but in China it was aired about three months apart.

On the internet, it seems that it took three months to correct the exposure scene of the female character by the censorship of the Chinese authorities.

Most of the female characters in the original version appear in costumes with wide open chests due to the setting characteristics of the story, but in the Chinese version, the costumes have been modified so that the exposed parts of the characters are covered. rice field.

Foreign media such as overseas movie and animation media “” also said that “Kimetsu no Yaiba was censored again”, and in the Chinese version, the costumes of female characters were changed, and it is different from other countries. I told you.

The series was released as “Youth viewing not allowed” grade in South Korea and “Recommended viewing for 16 years old and over” in China.

Earlier series have been censored in China because of brutal scenes such as decapitation and blood bleeding.

In this “Yukaku edition”, there is an analysis on the domestic and overseas online that the scenes such as a part of the body being cut during the battle were not censored.

On the net, China’s second censorship of “Kimetsu no Yaiba” was “Wearing leggings and (bra) tops at that time.” Was added, “he criticized the censorship of Chinese authorities, saying,” The treatment was overkill even though there was a viewing grade. “

Some Chinese viewers who came into contact with the work locally commented on the censorship as unnatural. On the other hand, another viewer argued that unnecessarily exposed costumes were inappropriate and that corrections were desirable for adolescents watching the anime.

On the other hand, China has significantly strengthened censorship related to cultural content, such as shutting out 38 Japanese animations in 2015.


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