[First landing in Japan]Joohoney, a popular KPOP idol, and Korean street brand “BORN CHAMPS” will sell a collaboration product at the online store “60%”: Jiji.com

[60% inc.]

Limited sale of long-awaited collaboration products with popular Korean rapper and songwriter Joohoney

Joohoney, a member of the popular Korean idol group “MONSTER X”, has started selling collaboration products with Korean apparel brand Bornchamps. In Japan, it will be sold at the online store “60%”. It also comes with a limited trading card.

Joohoney, a member of the popular idol group MONSTER X from South Korea, and the popular apparel brand “Bornchamps”, which was born in Seoul, South Korea, have released their first collaboration products. In Japan, it has been decided that it will be sold exclusively at the online store “60%” (Sixty Percent), which attracts more than 600 brands from Asia.

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◆ Bornchamps
A stylish and sophisticated streetwear brand launched in Seoul, South Korea in 2016. Less than a year after its launch, it was worn by many celebrities on stage and in private, and is now sold in the United States and Japan and is gaining popularity. BTS members Jungkook and EXO Chanyeol, as well as SEVENTEEN’s Vernon, are also worn by entertainers.

▶ Sales site:https://www.sixty-percent.com/collections/bornchamps
▶ Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/bornchamps_י/

■ 60% (Sixty Percent)
Sixty Percent is an online select store with more than 600 brands from 10 Asian countries. Developed as an online store advocating “Asian Street”. Currently, we have only high-end street brands based in Asia, including South Korea, Taiwan, and Indonesia. Brands entering the store include brands participating in collections from around the world and brands that are popular in Asian countries.

▶ Official website:https://sixty-percent.com/
▶ Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/sixtypercent_official

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