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Significant organizational restructuring under the umbrella of GroupM

MediaCom (about 8,000 employees) and Essence (about 2,000 employees) under the umbrella of GroupMmergerThen, it became “EssenceMediacom”, and Nick Lawson (currently CEO of Mediacom) will be appointed as CEO. Finecast, Xaxis, and GroupM Services will be integrated into “GroupM Nexus”, and Mindshare and Neo will be integrated. It was also announced at the same time.

Christian Jules, Global CEO of GroupMCampaign“We do not do this to create cost synergies,” he said. “We aim to create synergies for client growth and opportunities.” The WPP Group is currently undergoing rapid organizational restructuring and has become WPP’s CEO in Japan.Kyoko MatsushitaIt has also been announced that he has appointed.

Accenture Interactive renamed

Accenture Interactive recently announced “Renamed to “Accenture Song”Announced that. The new name is described by the company as “in the light of Accenture’s history, which has changed over time, the craftsmanship, connections, inspiration, technical skills and experiences are timeless and universal.” .. “Accenture songs help unleash people’s imaginations and ideas and produce the results they see.”

“The Accenture Song represents the post-pandemic growth we’re walking with our customers,” said David Draga, CEO and Creative Chairman of Accenture Song. “Today, the environment and needs surrounding our customers are changing significantly. In order to catch the next wave of growth, companies are now expanding their businesses at a speed that responds to changes, and our customers and employees. , And we need to continue to build valuable relationships with the whole world. “

The company has been in the last 10 yearsThe Monkees(Australia),EntropyIt has acquired more than 40 companies including (Malaysia), but all of these brands will be unified into Accenture Song. Only Droga 5 will continue to operate under the same name. Accenture Song sales are expected to reach US $ 14 billion by the end of this year (end of August).

Unilever, food for childrenCMFurther strengthen self-restraint

UnileverFood-related marketing activities for people under the age of 16Announced a policy not to implement. If the influencer himself is 16 years old or younger, or if the main viewer is 16 years old or younger, he / she will not be appointed. In 2020, the company announced that it would not commercialize food products for people under 12 years old (13 years old or younger on social media) in the conventional media, and this time it has raised the standard further.

“This change will help children reduce the amount of advertising in the food and beverage industry and help parents choose the right treats,” said Matt Claus, head of the company’s ice cream division. That’s the goal. “

YouTube advertising growth slows

YouTubeAdvertising sales are sluggishThat was revealed in the announcement of financial results for the January-March period (1st quarter) of 2022. Although it was up 14% (US $ 6.9 billion) compared to the same period of the previous year, it can be said that growth has slowed down considering that it recorded a 49% increase compared to the same period of the previous year in 2021. The cause was the reduction of advertising spending in Europe following the invasion of Ukraine and the enhancement of Apple’s privacy.

The parent company, Alphabet Inc., had sales of US $ 68 billion (up 23% year-on-year) and Google’s search business was US $ 39.6 billion (up 24% year-on-year).

Cannes Lions,SDGsDonate department entry fees

736 entries were submitted to the Cannes Lions 2020/2021 SDGs category, with a total entry fee of US $ 346,528.Donated to a charity.. Donations will be received by six award-winning charities in the category, including CCWD and WWF. The SDGs division was launched in 2018 in partnership with the United Nations. To date, SDGs-related donations amount to US $ 1.1 million.

iPhoneInCMShooting, this time chasing the feud of Hainan chicken rice shop

Chicken rice (Hainan chicken rice) is probably the specialty of Singapore’s food stalls.A video showing the feud between Tian Tian Hainan Chicken Rice, which is known as its famous store, and Ako Hainan Chicken Rice, which has a store in the immediate vicinity.Published by Apple Inc.bottom.

Ako’s chef originally worked in Tenten for nearly 20 years. However, after the owner of Tenten changed from his mother to his daughter, there was a conflict due to the difference in his policy. Not only the menu to be offered, but also the color of the signboard, the same stall was opened next to the three houses in Tenten.

The director is David Gerve, an American filmmaker known for the documentary film “Jiro Dreams of Sushi.”This video was shot using various features of the iPhone 13 Pro, and was shot by a well-known director on the iPhone as before.CMIs open to the public.


Next week, we will not be delivering the “World Marketing Brief”.

(Text: Ryoko Tazaki)


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