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Even before debuting in Japan, IVE attracted attention with their active promotional activities.

After successfully completing two weeks of event participation and promotional activities in Japan, they also announced that they will make their official debut in Japan this fall.

IVE will perform at Yokohama’s Pia Arena MM on the 2nd (Tue), then on the 4th (Thu) at Kobe World Memorial Hall, and on the 9th (Tue) at “THE STAR NEXTAGE” at Marine Messe Fukuoka. Appeared and met about 60,000 Japanese fans and finished the performance successfully.

On the 10th, they announced their debut in Japan this fall through their official website. Also, on the same day, a surprise video commemorating the decision to debut in Japan was aired on the electronic bulletin boards in Shibuya and Shinjuku, and the news of the activities in Japan was announced in a big way, making the fans go wild. In addition, the members also made a surprise visit to Shibuya and directly checked the video broadcasted on the electronic bulletin board.

IVE’s Japanese version of “ELEVEN” was selected as the theme song for the virtual space event “Virtual Adventure Island 2022” on Fuji TV, proving their popularity in Japan. On the 11th, starting with Fuji TV’s “Mezamashi TV”, he appeared on the live broadcasts of “Mezamashi 8” and “POP UP!” one after another, and actively promoted in Japan even before his official debut.

Through her agency STARSHIP Entertainment, Ahn Yoo Jin said, “I was happy to meet many Japanese fans, starting with the performance of ‘THE STAR NEXTAGE’ and appearing on ‘Mezamashi TV.’ When I visited, I felt strange when I saw IVE on the electronic board.Thank you for supporting DIVE (name of the fan), and I will continue to show you a wonderful side.” .

Prior to this, IVE won first place in Billboard Japan’s “TOP User Generated Songs”, which tallies only the number of YouTube views of various contents such as dance challenges based on “ELEVEN” even before their official debut in Japan. did. Based on the same record, the recently announced “Billboard JAPAN 2022 First Half TOP User Generated Songs Chart” ranked in TOP 10, announcing the birth of a super-large newcomer. In addition, the 2nd single “LOVE DIVE” won first place on Apple Music Japan’s weekly song chart (aggregated from April 11 to April 17, 2022), ranked second in the Oricon chart weekly streaming category, and LINE MUSIC’s 4th. It ranked 9th on the monthly “TOP 100” chart, 8th on the Billboard Japan “HOT 100” chart, and 1st on the “Top User Generated Songs” chart.

In addition, IVE will make a comeback in Korea with the release of the 3rd single “After LIKE” at 6 pm on August 22nd.

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Reporter: Song Mi Kyung


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