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Looking back on the ranking of the official online competition “KOF XV ICFC Weekly Series ASIA” that ended until the 6th week.

Published: 2022-07-07 18:00:00

The official Steam version online competition “KOF XV ICFC Weekly Series ASIA” has been held every Thursday from 20:00 on May 26, 2022 for 9 weeks.

Weeks 1-8 of this tournament will be held as qualifying rounds, and points will be awarded according to the ranking of each qualifying tournament. In the 9th week, the final tournament will be held by the top 8 points up to the 8th week, and the regional champion will be decided. This article reviews the Asian rankings at the end of the sixth week.

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ZJZ players & ET players maintain 1st and 2nd place in the ranking

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Asian ranking at the end of 6 weeks.

The ranking is 1st place ZJZ player (Taiwan) 265 points, 2nd place ET player (Taiwan) 233 points, 3rd place Abao player (Japan) 221 points, the Taiwanese team is 1 as it was at the end of the 3rd week. We are sticking to the 2nd and 2nd place.

Here, we will pick up a match that shows the strength of ET players, the Grand Final vs. MadKOF player match of the 5th week tournament.

MadKOF, who won from the Losers Final, succeeded in resetting first, and then took the lead in a come-from-behind victory 1-0 (from around 18 minutes 10 seconds in the video). MadKOF’s leading Benimaru was one step away from winning the championship, and he was an ET player who had disappeared. In addition, the ET player won the third game, showing the tenacity of the threat. It can be said that it is a match that shows the strength of ET players.

MadKOF vs ET

Japanese ranking.Abao player moved up to 3rd place with 221 points overall, and score player maintained 7th place

Looking at the Japanese players who are in the 8th place in the overall ranking, the Aba man who was the highest ranked Japanese player at the end of the 3rd week was 70 points in the 2nd place in the 4th week and 7th in the 5th week. In the 6th week, he earned 70 points in 2nd place, a total of 150 points, and moved up to 3rd place with 221 points overall.

In the Grand Final vs. Xiaobao player match of the 6th week tournament, in the first match, Gato vs. Shermie, after confirming the hit of “Shin Fang”, he showed a good play to connect to “Zero Fang”. On this day, polite play like a male player was seen everywhere. Unfortunately I missed the championship this time, but I can expect future success.

Xiaobao vs Aba Man

Next, the scorer kept 7th place from the end of the 3rd week. With 10 points in 7th place in the 4th week, 50 points in 3rd place in the 5th week, and 10 points in 7th place in the 6th week, stable results that remain in the top 8 5 times in 6 weeks in competitions in which Asian powerhouses participate. In the 5th week, he was ranked 3rd in the highest ranking, and gradually improved his grades from the 1st to 3rd week of the first half to keep the 7th place.

In the 5th week, he won the Winners Final and confronted the ET player who ranked 2nd in the overall ranking. He was a score player who tried to make a fast development, but he could not easily break the ET player, and he was eliminated at the pace of the ET player from beginning to end. In this way, there are cases where there is one step short in the match with the top ranking players, so I would like to expect inspiration from the next time onwards.

ET vs score

Comprehensive ranking general comment

So far, I have looked at the overall ranking at the end of the 6th week, but like Xiaobao, who won the 6th week tournament and jumped to 5th overall, depending on the results of the last 2 tournaments, he will participate in the final tournament. It is still unclear who will get the right.
Among them, Aba man who is in 3rd place overall and is always in the 8th place from the 4th week to the 6th week, and two of them are in 2nd place. He seems to be in good shape, and I’m looking forward to seeing what he will do in the final tournament.

The scorer who is in 7th place overall remains in the top 8 almost every time, so I hope that he will continue to move up to the top while maintaining this result.

and,”KOF XIVThe M’player with 86 points in 10th place overall and the mok player with 72 points in 11th place overall who won the “FGC Arcade Summer Community Series” are definitely talented players, so they are the last players. The trends in the two tournaments cannot be overlooked.

Two more qualifying tournaments!

There are only two qualifying tournaments on July 7th and 14th. In addition to the official distribution below, score players, mok players, etc. are also distributed on their personal channels, so if you want to see their fight in real time, please check the distribution. Let’s try.

In addition, the KOF XV ICFC Weekly Series is officially permitted to be mirrored on personal channels. If you usually say “KOF XVFor those who are doing distribution, why not plan a support distribution for the tournament during this period?

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