MediaMath Japan Starts Distribution of Targeting Ads Using AudienceOne ID | Press Release of MediaMath Japan Co., Ltd.

What is AudienceOne ID?
By utilizing DAC-ID to comply with the 3rd party cookie regulation of Google browser scheduled for 2023, we aim to solve the problems of advertisers, media companies, and solution vendors who want to continue efficient advertisement distribution. ..
・ Solution vendors such as advertisers, advertising companies, and DSPs can continue to implement targeting advertising methods that are currently highly dependent on 3rd party cookies, such as retargeting advertising and interest-based advertising, even after the restrictions. It will be possible to continue to carry out efficient digital promotion.
・ Media companies can expect to purchase advertising space based on retargeting and interest by advertisers, advertising companies, DSPs, etc., and also plan and sell advertising products and data products that utilize their own audience data. It can be continued even after the restriction of party cookies, and efficient selling and attractive product development will be possible.

Overview of services provided by MMJ
Advertisers and advertising companies using MMJ can use the AudienceOne ID provided by DAC to efficiently deliver advertisements to any target by utilizing new data signals even in browsers where 3rd party cookies are regulated. , Effect verification becomes possible. As a result, MMJ provides safe and secure advertisement delivery.
MMJ will continue to contribute to the interests of advertisers, advertising companies, media companies, and consumers through partnerships with various companies and the highly secure and transparent programmatic advertising solutions and know-how that we have cultivated so far. ..
Stay tuned for future updates.

Digital Advertising Consortium Co., Ltd.
Since its establishment in 1996, the dawn of Internet advertising, DAC has expanded its business along with the digitization of information and lifestyles, and has been driving market formation and industry growth.
Currently, we are developing digital-based advertising and marketing businesses in Japan and overseas. Total support from consulting to planning, purchasing and sales of advertising space, operation, result analysis, creative production utilizing the characteristics of media, solution development and provision that combines abundant data and advanced technology, and global promotion support And so on.
Under the mission of “Empowering the digital future, DAC will continue to lead the creation of new forms of advertising and marketing, and continue to provide new value to society.” ..
Representative: Yuzo Tanaka, President and CEO and CCO (Chief Compliance Officer)
Headquarters location: 4-20-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Ebisu Garden Place Tower
Established: December 1996
Business: Media service business, solution service business, operation service business
Mediamas Japan will work to introduce the latest technologies such as Connected TV (CTV) and Digital Outdoor Advertising (DOOH), which are evolving mainly in the United States, in Japan. In addition, we will improve the transparency of programmatic advertising by strengthening privacy regulations and instilling the global standard of cookieless in Japan.
As part of this, we are also working to form the industry’s first supply chain with 100% transparency that discloses all purchasing conditions.
As a platform with accountability and addressability, we will strive to improve the transparency of programmatic advertising and provide safe and secure advertising services to consumers and advertisers.

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