Operational TV CM service “Novacel” will hold “Next Marketing Conference 2022” from 13:00 on May 19th (Thursday). Mr. Ishido, a pioneer, and Mr. Fukuda, “THE MODEL”, gave a keynote speech.

  • Background of the event

In post-corona, marketing will become more important as DX promotion, cookie removal problem, strengthening of marketing organization and “growth driver” of the company.

At Next Marketing Conference 2022, top BtoB marketing runners will be on stage to talk about the latest marketing know-how and management strategies.


  • Overview of “Next Marketing Conference 2022”

Official page URL https://www.novasell.com/conference/nmc202205
Date and time Thursday, May 19, 2022 13: 00-18: 00
Participation fee free
Capacity 500 people
Target person ・ Business manager of BtoB company
・ Marketing manager
・ Person in charge of new business
How to apply and watch This program will be implemented using the Web system “Zoom”.
1. First of all, please fill in the application information on the form
2. At a later date, you will receive an email containing the “URL for viewing the webinar”.
* The sender of the email will be the Novacell Management Office (adpla_is-uc@rakusul.com).
timetable <13: 00-13: 10>
Opening: Novasel Co., Ltd.

<13: 10-13: 55>
“What is the establishment of THE MODEL organization practiced by Pioneer?”
Companies on stage: Pioneer Corporation, Japan Cloud Consulting Co., Ltd.

<14: 10-14: 40>
“Organization and reskilling in the DX era”
Speaker company: Growth X Co., Ltd.

<14: 55-15: 25>
“New common sense of Digima” Operational Creative “-Six successful cases of video advertising are released at once-“
Speaker company: Richika Co., Ltd.

<15: 40-16: 10>
“All of the sales reforms from the launch of the first marketing organization-The secret of data utilization that raised the negotiation rate to 15 times-“
Speaker company: SATORI Co., Ltd.

<16: 25-16: 55>
““ BtoB marketing winning pattern ”to achieve results in the shortest time”
Speaker company: WACUL Co., Ltd.

<17: 10-17: 40>
“What is strategic design for successful BtoB marketing from the customer’s point of view”
Speaker company: Novasel Co., Ltd.

<17: 50-18: 00>
Closing: Novasel Co., Ltd.

Pioneer Corporation
Ryo Ishido, Chief Customer Officer and Chief Marketing Officer, Executive Director, Mobility Services Company

After graduating from the Faculty of Science and Technology of Sophia University, he joined CyberAgent and served as a director of two subsidiaries. After that, he supported entertainment and media company advertising and marketing at Google Japan, and promoted entry into the Japanese market at Daterama, an AI startup company from Israel. At the time of salesforce.com’s acquisition of Daterama, he led the integration in the Japanese market. He has been a CDO (Chief Digital Officer) of Pioneer’s Mobility Services Company since April 2020 and has been in his current position since August 2021. He is also a DX advisor for Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and a business strategy advisor for Novasel. His hobby is camping.

Japan Cloud Consulting Co., Ltd.
Mr. Yasutaka Fukuda, President and Representative Director

President of Japan Cloud Consulting Co., Ltd. Since January 2020, he has been appointed as a partner of Japan Cloud and President of Japan Cloud Consulting. Author of “THE MODEL Marketing / Inside Sales / Sales / Customer Success Collaboration Process” (Shoeisha, 2019)

Growth X Co., Ltd.
Kotaro Tsushitamoto, President and CEO

Until 2018 Director of Allied Architects Association (Joined in 2007, launched multiple businesses such as SNS support business and Monipura as a director from 2012, led 80% of the company’s business performance, listed on TSE Mothers in 2013) In 2018 Established a corporation. Joined Synchro Co., Ltd., which had been jointly engaged in new business since 2019. In August 2020, Growth X Co., Ltd. was established as a separate company and became the representative.

Growth X Co., Ltd. Director CMO
Mr. Toshiyasu Nishii, President and CEO of Synchro Co., Ltd.

Current Oisix Ra Daichi Co., Ltd. Professional Officer CMT, Kamakura International FC Director CDO (Chief Digital Officer), FABRIC TOKYO Co., Ltd. Outside Director
Born in Fukui prefecture in May 1975. Graduated from Kanazawa University Graduate School. Since 2001 she has embarked on a journey around the world. After returning to Japan, he published a travel book and went to the world of EC.
After traveling around the world for the second time in 2014, he established Synchro. We support marketing of many companies such as major mail orders and startups, and collaborate and promote digital businesses.

Richika Co., Ltd.
CMO Ryo Taoka

After graduating from Kyoto University, joined Nestlé Japan Co., Ltd. He leads product development, research and communication as a brand manager for “Nescafe” and “Milo”. After that, at WeWork Japan, as a brand marketing manager, he led the planning and execution of marketing strategies, and contributed to opening more than 30 bases in Japan and attracting customers. In March 2021, he joined Richika Co., Ltd. and became CMO (Chief Marketing Officer). He is in charge of public relations and marketing of Richika, and also supports marketing of operating companies.

SATORI Co., Ltd.
Mr. Chihiro Tokui, Group Manager, Sales Planning Group, Sales Department

After graduating from university, he joined an advertising agency as a new graduate, started new sales as top sales, and then set up a marketing department in the third year after joining the company. He has been instrumental in marketing such as managing his own media, managing exhibitions and seminars, operating listing advertisements, launching an inside sales team, introducing and operating SFA, and nurturing using MA “SATOR”. Team management as a section chief.
SATORI enthusiasts are highly enthusiastic about changing jobs. He started the Sales Planning Group and is the head of the Sales Planning Group.

WACUL Co., Ltd.
Executive Officer Business Headquarters COO Ryu Matsuo

After graduating from Yokohama National University, joined Rakuten, Inc. and served as a sales / EC consultant manager. In 2015, he joined Onsite Co., Ltd., with clients such as major food manufacturers and major cosmetics manufacturers, providing EC site infrastructure construction, branding strategy planning, and overall marketing support. In 2018, he joined WACUL Co., Ltd. and is currently the executive officer and COO of the business headquarters, and is in charge of the entire business domain.

Novasel Co., Ltd.
Marketing Department Manager Ryutaro Nakano

After joining Rakuten Co., Ltd. in 2017, he has been in charge of more than 200 companies as an EC consultant. After that, he is a sole proprietor who manages media, fortune-tellers, advertising operations, and marketing support. He started the marketing department of SaaS in 2019 and joined RAKSUL in January 2021. He is in charge of marketing the Novasel business.

■ Event page URL

■ Contact information
Novacell Co., Ltd. Novacell Management Office
TEL: 03-6629-7093
Email: adpla_is-uc@raksul.com

  • About the operational TV commercial “Novacel”

“Novacel” provides “operational TV commercials” by utilizing its own advertising method and cloud-based TV commercial operation tools. By conducting planning, production, broadcasting, and analysis all at once, and utilizing the effect analysis tool “Novacel Analytics”, it is possible to measure the advertising effect of TV commercials, which was considered difficult in the past, and optimize advertising investment. We are realizing the growth of the company through. In addition, we develop our own SaaS products required for corporate marketing activities and provide multiple products. Going forward, we will continue to support the maximization of corporate business growth by providing TV commercial planning, production, broadcasting, analysis, and marketing tools.

·Company Profile:
Company name: Novasel Co., Ltd.
Location: 2-24-9 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
President: Masaki Tabe
Business: Operation of TV commercial advertising platform “Novacel”
Date of establishment: February 1, 2022
Shareholders and shareholding ratio: RAKSUL Inc. 100%
site: https://novasell.com/


  • “Novacel” service lineup

“Novacel” is a “marketing platform” that develops many solutions necessary for a company to grow. We offer various services to realize optimized operations by eliminating personal judgment and analog work. By providing multiple services such as the following, we aim to optimize the return on investment and improve the financial position of the entire industry.

[Novacel Marketing Platform]

[Service list]

Operational TV commercial:https://novasell.com/lp/basic/

Novasel Analytics:https://lp.novasell.com/analytics

Novasel Trend:https://novasell.com/trend


Cross-commit: www.novasell.com/documents/x-commit

・ Inquiries regarding the “Novacel” service:https://novasell.com/contact


  • About RAKSUL Group

Based on the corporate vision that “If you change the system, the world will be better”, we will bring the Internet to traditional industries such as printing, logistics, and advertising that have not been digitized, and change the industrial structure to improve the world. Aim to be. Currently, it operates Novacel Co., Ltd., which provides the online printing and customer attraction support platform “Raksul”, the logistics platform “Hakobel”, the advertising platform “Novacel”, and Joesis Co., Ltd., which provides the services of corporate IT “Josys”. We are here. (URL: URL:https://corp.raksul.com/)

[“Industrial DX” that RAKSUL works on]
We will solve the problems of each industry vertically and produce by constructing a platform that integrates the efficiency of transactions by sharing platform, the efficiency of business by software (SaaS), and the value-added service based on them. We will transform into an industry with high productivity and profitability. As an industrial transformant, RAKSUL Inc. will promote DX through an integrated vertical platform for traditional industries that have not been digitized, and will improve the world.


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