“Please, President! ” has been the top revenue earner in Japan’s mobile simulation market for three consecutive years – celebrity collaborations and advertisements using generated AI are a hot topic | GameBusiness.jp

Sensor Tower is a mobile game “Onegai President!” provided by Hong Kong publisher IYAGAMES. ' has exceeded 200 million dollars in worldwide revenue, and data has been released showing that it is especially popular in Japan.

“Please, President! ” is a simulation game with the theme of company management, and has maintained the top revenue position in the Japanese mobile simulation game market for three consecutive years from 2021 to 2023.

According to data analysis by Sensor Tower's Store Intelligence, this game will account for approximately 25% of the revenue in the Japanese market in 2023 in the “Tycoon/Craft” genre, which has a share of over 60% in the Japanese mobile simulation game market. occupied.

In addition, the average age of the players in this game is relatively high at 40 years old, and the male to female ratio is over 60% male. This is unique compared to other titles in the same genre, and suggests that it has formed its own user base.

Collaboration measures at anniversary event were successful

Sensor Tower pointed to the effective celebrity collaboration at the anniversary event as a factor in its success. This work has so far used talents such as Yuuka Ogura, PPE41, Takayuki Yamada, and Asuka Kijima. If you check the revenue data, you can see that revenue increased significantly in July and August, when the anniversary event was held, and you can see the effect.

Anniversary event featuring Asuka Kijima (from press release)

Advertising using generative AI

Advertising strategy is also said to be the secret to success. Starting in the summer of 2023, creatives that appear to utilize generated AI will be rolled out, and a variety of advertisements will be deployed depending on the advertising network. According to Sensor Tower data, this advertising strategy increased the advertising share of voice. Yahoo! Chiebukuro has seen multiple posts asking the question, “Who is the person who appears in the Onegai President! advertisement?'' and it has become a hot topic on SNS and the Internet.

As a result of these strategies, the average RPD (Revenue Per Download) of this title in the Japanese market has reached $49, far exceeding other markets, and continues to grow steadily.


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