Sendenkaigi Launch of “Japanese Media”, a new service that connects advertisers and media:

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It fills the deep gap between complex marketing and diversified media, and provides the best meeting place for both parties.

Sendenkaigi Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo) will start a new service “Japanese Media” from July 1 as a media matching platform that connects advertisers and media.

What is “Japanese media”?
The basic service of “Japanese media” is that you can list media materials and price information of media for free from the website. In addition to the search function by target and budget, you can browse detailed amounts and download media materials by registering as a member. For the media side, it is a mechanism to know what kind of people are interested in their own media.
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Sendenkaigi has been held in various ways for the authors of the advertising and marketing departments of advertiser companies through the readers of the monthly “Sendenkaigi” and the online media “Adtai”, paid educational courses, and seminars. I have been disseminating information. Until now, when we received various consultations from advertiser companies when collecting and disseminating information, we should connect “advertisers seeking information” and “media / advertising affiliates who want to disseminate information” with various information platforms. So, I have created many orders.

Therefore, based on the track record of creating a number of ordering projects that were beneficial to both parties, the media matching site was conceived in order to further expand it and improve the advertising world.

Sendenkaigi has long networked with advertisers and the media. In addition to the trust that has delivered information to the advertising world for about 70 years since its inception, it has neutrality without the capital of other media and advertising companies, and by sharing cases through various in-house media. I thought that it should be able to contribute to the development of the advertising world.
Three Reasons Why Sendenkaigi Should Operate Media Matching Sites
Utilize the planning power of the media
With the diversification of media, we are in an era where individuals have media, let alone a rush of media companies. Advertisers are struggling to select the best media to be effective.

The mass of media also has disadvantages in traditional media. The current situation is that advertisers and advertising companies have to collect too much information, and the media can only catch information such as so-called “frame sales”. For the media, the advertising menu is only a part of what can be proposed, and although it is possible to make a proposal with a plan, it is not known and the opportunity to realize the potential is lost. increase.

I thought we needed a way to avoid this bad situation for everyone and create the best encounters through the posting of the best media information.

Advertiser and media status

Connecting advertisers and media
The media matching site “Japanese Media” launched by the Sendenkaigi to solve and develop issues in the advertising world.
There are a wide range of media, from TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines to OOH and Web media, and about 1,000 media are posted at the start of the service. It will continue to increase in the future. In addition, the content is not limited to conventional advertising space, but is characterized by a wide range of media information that includes creative functions. In the near future, we are also considering posting more detailed personal media such as SNS and influencers.
Japanese media publication category
Directly planned presentation by the media through “offer service”
In addition to the basic service that allows you to list media information, the unique feature of “Japanese media” is the “offer service.” This is a service that was realized because it is operated by a Sendenkaigi that has a network that includes media and advertising companies, and aims to solve the problems that advertisers have with special planning and content power of media and advertising companies. increase.

Special projects and content power are, for example, “special casting utilizing the network”, “events that can only be done by the media utilizing the relationship values ​​with readers, listeners, and viewers”, and “new projects that are not normally provided”. ]Etc. are assumed. We are looking for not only registered media but also media and advertising companies that will participate as proposals when there is an offer, and we have already produced a lot of achievements in offer services.

Offer service Assumed flow
“Japanese media” aims to solve the problems of advertisers while creating opportunities to realize the potential of media through offer services as well as the latest, detailed and wide-ranging media information. If you are an advertiser looking for a new project or effective measures for your target, we would like you to take advantage of the offer service.

What is Sendenkaigi Co., Ltd.
Under the slogan of Marketing & Creativity, Sendenkaigi Co., Ltd. supports the improvement of the marketing power of companies by providing products and services such as specialized media / publishing, education, awards, and events.

Starting with the publication of the monthly “Sendenkaigi”, a specialized marketing magazine launched in 1954, specialized media and books / yearbooks in the fields of marketing and communication, and the “Sendenkaigi Copywriter Training Course” celebrating its 65th anniversary in 2022. An educational business in the creative field related to origination, arrival, and thought, which was traditionally thought to be personal. In addition, we are developing awards such as the “Sendenkaigi Award”, one of Japan’s largest publicly-offered advertising copy contests, which will reach 60 times in 2022.

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