The popular gaming keyboard “Apex Pro TKL” is back in stock! Two types of Japanese and English arrangements (○○ things found during the interview) –AKIBA PC Hotline!

Japanese layout model of “Apex Pro TKL”

SteelSeries compact keyboard “Apex Pro TKL”Tsukumo PC HontenorTsukumo eX. PC BuildingIs in stock at. There are two types of keyboard layouts, Japanese (88 keys) and US (84 keys), and the store price is 28,600 yen.

Apex Pro TKL is a gaming keyboard equipped with the company’s switch “OmniPoint” equipped with a magnetic sensor and a small display “OLED Smart Display”. A model that realizes the adjustment function of the actuation point (the position where the switch is turned on by pressing the key).

At each shop in Akihabara, inventory inquiries are being made one after another, and the fact that it is used by professional gamers is also a selling point.

The store has a purchase limit of one per person. If you missed a purchase, please check it out.


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