TikTok Strengthens Elimination of “One Thousand Money” Scams and Hidden Ads-CNET Japan

TikTok has agreed to change its practices after being warned by consumer rights groups that it has failed to protect minors from hidden advertising and inappropriate content.

TikTok and EU logo

Courtesy: Chukrut Budrul / Getty Images

 The European Commission of the European Union (EU)After consulting with TikTok on June 21, local time, the company announced that it had promised to comply with EU regulations. Based on this, TikTok will allow users to report hidden branded content and ads that could trick minors into buying something.

In addition, based on the company’s policy, brand content related to “inappropriate products and services” such as alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, and “one-off money” fraud will be prohibited. Paid ads will be given a new label and users will be encouraged to toggle on when publishing content with brand-related keywords such as #ad and #sponsored. In addition, videos of users with more than 10,000 followers will be screened to ensure they follow TikTok’s guidelines.

The change is based on the European Consumer Organization’s (BEUC) allegations that TikTok has found itself in violation of EU regulations. The European Commission has worked with consumer protection authorities across Europe and TikTok to remedy problematic company practices.

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