WED, Data One, Digital Advertising Using Receipt Information Gives Consumers a New Purchasing Experience-ZDNet Japan

WED, which operates the receipt purchase application “ONE”, has started a business alliance with Data One. Through this alliance, it will be possible to verify the purchasing effect of advertisements and deliver digital advertisements using receipt information.

WED supports corporate marketing with purchasing data collected from ONE. ONE has a huge amount of data consisting of more than 400 million receipt images and attribute information of more than 4 million users, and purchase data across channels such as consumers, products, regions, stores, and time. Can be derived.

In addition, Data One uses FamilyMart’s purchase data and customer information held by NTT DoCoMo to help manufacturers improve the efficiency of their digital marketing activities. The company is building a data alliance with retail and electronic commerce (EC) businesses with the aim of acquiring new revenue sources and supporting digital transformation (DX).

In this collaboration, by linking the comprehensive data of stores and products collected by ONE to Data One, it will be possible to verify the purchasing effect of advertisements and effectively deliver advertisements using receipt information. By doing so, it will be possible to increase product sales and verify purchasing effects through a wide range of distribution channels.

Alliance overview

Alliance overview

In addition, we will create a new purchasing experience by providing consumers with optimal information in line with their interests and interests inferred from purchasing behavior based on receipt information.


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