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On August 23 (Tuesday) and August 24 (Wednesday), 2022, “HR NOTE CONFERENCE 2022]will be held!

“By openly sharing the know-how of people who are actually active in the HR industry with HR personnel, we would like to connect it to solving the HR issues that everyone has.”

Last year, we held the HR NOTE CONFERENCE for the first time with these thoughts in mind.Focusing on the voices of people in charge of human resources and management that they want to knowDXwith various themes such as12We have a session.

Many people have already made reservations for viewing, but if there are people who have not yet made reservations, please do so.Viewing reservation from special siteI would appreciate it.

In this article, we would like to introduce the sessions from HR NOTE CONFERENCE 2022 that the HR NOTE editorial department is particularly interested in.

If you are “not sure what kind of session themes are going on” or “are wondering which session to watch”, please refer to it when looking for a session to watch.

\[Must-see for HR staff]Many gorgeous guests will be on stage, large-scale HR event will be held /

[Carefully Selected]Introducing 3 noteworthy sessions recommended by the HR NOTE editorial department!

Now, without further ado, I would like to introduce the sessions recommended by the editorial department.

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HR strategy that supported Netflix’s growth|
What can Japanese companies learn from an “unconventional” corporate culture?

First of all, I would like to introduce the highlight of this conference. This is a keynote speech by Erin Meyer, an organizational behaviorist who co-authored “NO RULES, NETFLIX, the world’s most free company” with Netflix founder Reed Hastings.

While unraveling the corporate culture of Netflix, which has undergone a major transformation from a DVD rental business to one of the world’s leading companies, Mr. Taishi Asanuma of Mercari Co., Ltd. moderated the ideas and personnel measures that can be applied to Japanese companies. increase.

What you can learn from this session/Effects you can expect
(1) “Giving employees freedom and giving them responsibility”An overview of Netflix’s organizational culturecan know
②By knowing about Netflix’s organizational strategy,Opportunity to review the current organization of the companybecome
Know-how to lead business to growth from the perspective of HRand can be used as a reference in formulating personnel measures in the future.

Over the past few years, the organization has undergone a major transformation.

As work style reforms/DX are promoted, many managers and managers feel that they must gradually change the organizational culture and culture that they have cultivated so far. Isn’t it?

In order to become a growing company that survives in the coming era, it is essential to reexamine the organizational strategy and personnel measures linked to it. Why not take the Netflix organization, which has a unique corporate culture, as a reference and bring the know-how back to your own team?

Interview with the editor-in-chief of industry-leading media
“Recruitment strategies in the current era” and “Future job advertisements”

Next, we will introduce a session on the theme of the current recruitment market and future job advertisements, with editors-in-chief of various recruitment media such as “Rikunavi NEXT”, “Mynavi Tenshoku”, “doda”, and “en Tenshoku”. is.

What you can learn from this session/Effects you can expect
Current recruitment market (change job market)can know the status of
②From the many examples of the editor-in-chief of the recruitment media that drives the industry,Stance necessary for future recruitmentcan learn
③While considering the future recruitment strategy,Successful recruitment using job advertisementsknow the know-how necessary for

While many companies are starting to challenge new recruitment methods to recruit excellent human resources, many companies are once again starting to focus on job advertisements that have existed in the past to form a population.

Through the panel discussion, it will be a valuable opportunity to hear from editors-in-chief who represent the HR industry about the current situation, future recruitment strategies, and how job advertisements should be.

Toward “disclosure of information on human capital”
Responses that HR should take and how to utilize them in strategic HR

The third session I would like to introduce is the topic of “Human Capital Management”.

The guest was Dr. Kunio Ito of Hitotsubashi University, who mainly compiled the “Human Resource Version of Ito Report,” and Mr. Chiharu Takakura, CHRO at Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Mr. Masanao Kawauchi of Link and Motivation Co., Ltd., who has acquired ISO 30414 certification, will be on stage.

We would like to hear specifics about what personnel personnel should do in order to “disclose information on human capital.”

What you can learn from this session/Effects you can expect
①In the first place“Human Capital Management”or“Human Capital Information Disclosure”You can acquire basic knowledge of what is
(2) In order to promote measures for the disclosure of information on human capital,Advanced examples at other companiesorPoints that companies should preparecan know
3. Towards human capital management, HR personnel of each company can know the first step to actually take action

As intangible assets (people and information) have begun to be seen as components of a company’s market value, human resources are regarded as “capital” and their value is maximized, leading to the improvement of medium- to long-term corporate value. Efforts toward capital management are indispensable for corporate management in the future.

The Cabinet Secretariat has already announced the “Human Capital Visualization Guidelines (Draft)” in June 2022, and guidelines based on information disclosure are also scheduled to be announced in the future. We hope that this session will serve as a reference for human capital management, which will likely become increasingly important in the future.

[Looking for worries! ]“Personnel Worries Counseling Room 2022” will be held!

So far, we have introduced three notable sessions, but here we will hold one session on August 23rd, “Personnel Concerns Counseling Room,” which was very popular last year. So I will let you know.

“Personnel Worries Counseling Room 2022” solicits specific concerns that personnel personnel have through questionnaires. In this session, experts who have been on stage at many HR events and seminars will answer your concerns about methods to solve your concerns.

We are currently looking for your concerns, so we would appreciate it if you could answer from the questionnaire page below.

Click here for the questionnaire response form

August 23rd (Tuesday) / 24th (Wednesday), 2022 to “HR NOTE CONFERENCE 2022”!

This concludes our introduction to the recommended sessions from the HR NOTE editorial department! Were there any sessions that caught your attention?

We believe that you can make new discoveries just by participating in one session, so please use this article as a reference when choosing a session to watch!

Finally, we will also introduce the overall timetable.

Please use it as a reference!

I’m sure you’ll be interested in some of the sessions that we weren’t able to cover in this article!

We are still accepting reservations for viewing, so if it is convenient for you, please join us at HR NOTE CONFERENCE 2022!

We are waiting for your viewing reservation!

\[Must-see for HR staff]Many gorgeous guests will be on stage, large-scale HR event will be held /

A total of about 40 luxurious guests will gather, including personnel from rapidly growing companies and academic experts, both domestically and internationally!
Online for 2 days onlySo don’t miss this opportunity!

  • The HR strategy that supported Netflix’s growth|What should Japanese companies learn from the company’s “unconventional” corporate culture?
  • The “Ito Report” caused a great response,Professor Ito from Hitotsubashi University will also be on stage!
    Responses that HR should take to disclose information on human capital and how to utilize them in strategic HR
  • Rikunabi, Mynavi, en Japan, DODAAll four major editors gathered!
    Interview with the editor-in-chief of industry-leading media “Recruitment strategies in the current era” and “Future job advertisements”

There are many sessions that will help you with the latest trends in HR and your work!
 Participation fee freePlease feel free to apply below!

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