A logo T-shirt made by a top advertising man that will “stick” in a rapidly changing society – WWDJAPAN

The original logo T-shirt (5,500 yen) of the venture company FACT (Tokyo, Masato Mitsutera, Yoshitora Saeki, CEO) made by people from the advertising industry is interesting. There are currently 5 types of T-shirts. It’s a very simple design with just one word on the black and white body, but it throws a message to the society shaken by the corona disaster and the Ukraine war. It is sold at the company’s online store.

The logo emphasizes part of the spelling of the word with shaded letters to highlight the other meaning of the word contained within. For example, “HUMAN” means “UMA (Unidentified Life Form)”. It includes the suggestion that “the unknown exists in the most familiar existence of human beings”. By shading the word “WAR” in the middle of the spelling, “HEARTWARMING” shows that “conflict splits people’s warm hearts in two”.

On the EC page, the world view is expressed by collaging the background that matches the message contained in each logo. The product image uses 3DCG created with the 3D sample creation service “STURE” provided by forGIFT (President Takafumi Shirai), a subsidiary of Creek and River. The 3DCG T-shirt has the same texture as the real thing, but it has a somewhat near-futuristic feel to it, and it blends in with the background to create an atmosphere like an art piece. President Shirai says, “If the use of 3DCG advances, the creative range of apparel will expand further. It should be open to players outside the industry.”

Mitsutera, CEO of FACT, has held executive creative director positions at Yomiko Advertising and ADK. He gathered volunteers from the advertising industry to launch FACT as a subsidiary of ADK in 2019. Based on the know-how and networks that we have cultivated so far, we aim to solve various problems and create value for companies, brands, and society. Mitsutera said, “This is the first time I’ve made clothes, but what’s different from an advertisement is that I get a direct reaction from the person who picks it up. I like this for each logo. I feel that there is a message that can be sent to the world through clothes.”


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