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Focusing on weekly popular articles that received a great response from member readers on “Diamond Online”, we will deliver related articles!This time, the first place in the popular article ranking of the week“Characteristics of managers who asserted that “Your success is not 1000%” by Nidec Chairman Nagamori”I will focus on.

Characteristics of managers who asserted that Photo: PIXTA

This time’s recommended article is the 1st place in the weekly popular article rankinghere!

There are many people who judge hard work or not simply by whether they put in the time. But Nidec Chairman and CEO Shigenobu Nagamori defines “hard working” differently.

“Hard working” as defined by Chairman Nagamori is not about working long hours, but about working at a speed that beats the competition and producing results. By practicing this hard working, Nidec has achieved the development it is today, and it can be said that Chairman Nagamori’s reputation as a charismatic manager has increased.

We talked about the work style and attitude required to produce results.

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Characteristics of managers who asserted that A revolutionary in distribution, a god of management, an innovator… Who impressed Soichiro Tahara the most? And what qualities do they have in common? Photo by Teppei Hori

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Soichiro Tahara, a journalist who has interviewed a huge number of business owners. This time, we asked Mr. Tahara to list five people who thought “really amazing” among them in a ranking format. Toshio Domitsu, Kazuo Inamori… Who is Mr. Tahara’s number one really amazing manager? And why, what are their common qualities?

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Weekly Popular Article Ranking

Next, we will deliver the “Weekly Popular Article Ranking”, which received a great response from members of Diamond Online.

First place was introduced at the beginning“Characteristics of managers who asserted that “Your success is not 1000%” by Nidec Chairman Nagamori”was.

Second place is“Reasons why people who can work actually “do not come to conclusions” are convincing”was. The author, Hideaki Ishikura, seems to feel that the more talented a person is, the less likely they are to jump to conclusions. It is not a communication story such as “start with the conclusion”, as is often the case, but a person who suddenly comes up with a plan of measures, comes up with ideas, and even talks about detailed numbers when working on something. refers to I will explain the problem-solving process of people who can work.

Third place is“A certain custom that people who are good at English continue, and the holes in Japanese English education can be easily filled”was. I often get asked, “Why are Japanese people so bad at English?” The “examination English” that you learn in Japan emphasizes grammar and has many unnatural expressions, so even if you learn it, you will often have a hard time. However, if you acquire “certain customs”, you can develop English skills that can be used around the world in Japan. It is especially useful for adults as well as children. Learn how to acquire real English skills.

4th place is“Ranking of “black” companies with many dissatisfied posts by employees 2022 first half[top 10]3rd place Mizuho Bank, 1st place? 』was. The Internet is full of dissatisfaction with wages and treatment at work. Based on a large amount of word-of-mouth data collected by a venture company that supports corporate credit management, the Diamond editorial department has created a ranking of “black” companies that have many employees dissatisfied with their work style. The target period is half a year from January to June 2022. In addition to major electronics manufacturers taking the top spot, megabanks and major house builders also ranked high.

5th place is“Why was emergency approval postponed for the corona drug “Zokoba”? Expectations and pressure that Shionogi carrieswas. With the seventh wave of the new coronavirus, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare postponed approval of Shionogi Pharmaceutical’s “Zokoba”, an oral drug for treating corona, and continued deliberations. Why was the approval of the long-awaited new drug Zokova postponed this time? We will focus on the difficulty of new drug development and the emergency approval system, and then consider the “pressure on Shionogi & Co.”


This week’s list of popular articles is here. What will the next ranking result be? Please look forward to it!


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