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The required “new standard” for regional management

Against the backdrop of diversifying and fragmenting customer needs and labor shortages, the wave of DX is rushing in regardless of industry.

Above all, a sustainable economy strategy in a “region” where digitalization is not progressing despite having various needs and issues is required all over Japan. The key to this is the growth of SMEs, which account for more than 99% of Japan, and the transformation of financial institutions that have continued to support them.

Promoting regional revitalization and business growth while financial institutions and companies appropriately accompany them will lead to improved QOL of consumers. There, it is essential to implement DX that utilizes data and technology.

In regions where advanced initiatives continue to be developed, what kind of trial and error is used to connect them to implementation? Based on the issues of regional management, we will hold an online session to explore the possibilities of regional management, giving examples of solutions that can be provided digitally.

Developing new initiatives through public-private partnerships,
Mr. Shin Sawada, Deputy Mayor of Shibuya Ward, will also be on stage!

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This time, Forbes JAPAN produced a Closing Session at Salesforce Industries Summit’s Day 2 “Financial Services” hosted by Salesforce Japan. As sustainable economy strategies are required in the region throughout Japan, we will delve into the collaboration between local governments and companies, and the transformation sites of financial institutions that have supported both.

Sessions of field leaders exploring the possibility of cashless payments such as resident / business CRM and digital currencies in order to contribute to improving the QOL of consumers provide hints for new standards for regional management in the future. Will be.

Forbes JAPAN and Salesforce Japan
Thinking about new standards for regional management

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[New standard for regional management guided by regional DX]

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A new form of industry that connects with customers-Digital transformation and corporate value-

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A new standard for regional management guided by regional DX

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▼ Speaker:

Shin Sawada (Deputy Mayor of Shibuya Ward and CIO / CISO)
Completed the Faculty of Economics, Rikkyo University in 1984. After working in the marketing communications department of a consumer goods manufacturer, he moved to a major advertising company in 1992, where he oversees account planning and management operations for integrated marketing communications (IMC). Since 2008, he has been a national marketing director at a US asset management company, and since 2012, he has been an executive officer in charge of marketing services at a common point service company. Current position).

Ikko Sannomiya (JCB Co., Ltd. Representative Director, Senior Managing Executive Officer, General Manager of Merchant Business Management Department and In charge of Innovation Management Department)
Joined JCB Co., Ltd. in April 1985. Since 1988, he has been in charge of overseas expansion and construction of international systems in the International Department. After managing the Internet project in 1993, he has been the Planning Department and Multimedia Promotion Office since 1995. In 2009, he became the head of the brand business management department, and during that time he was also in charge of the innovation management department from 2017. He has been in his current position since 2020.

Ritsuko Iguchi (Executive Officer, Finance & Regional DX Sales Headquarters, Salesforce Japan Co., Ltd.)
After working at a foreign-affiliated IT company, he is in his current position. He is in charge of businesses for financial institutions and local public bodies nationwide, and supports management reforms and business reforms that utilize digital technology. He is also developing a consumer-centered system utilizing digital technology, new businesses, regional management reforms, and co-creation businesses with customers and partners. Based on the theory that “regional development for sustainable coexistence and co-prosperity is from” regional work “(improvement of earning power of small and medium-sized enterprises), business revitalization and human resource development”, support including pro bono regarding “regional management” as an individual And is developing a council activity.


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