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The latest version of the best-selling ETF book in a bookstore“”Buy these 7 revised new ETFs(Written by Tomoya Asakura) will be released on February 16th.An exchange-traded fund (ETF), a notable financial product that continues to grow at double digits almost every year in the United States, an advanced investment country.The current balance of net assets is approximately 683 trillion yen. On the other hand, the size of the Japanese ETF market is about 60 trillion yen as of the end of April 2021. However, even in Japan, the number of people who include ETFs as an investment option is steadily increasing.Overseas ETFs are receiving particular attention. ETFs have many merits such as (1) low cost, (2) flexible trading, (3) operation while receiving distributions, and (4) ultimate diversified investment.In this series, for those who are interested in long-term investment and ETFs, some excerpts from the book are about what ETFs are, how to choose and buy them wisely, and how to interact with ETFs as asset management. Publish.

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What is a “standard investment type” portfolio?

Let’s create a portfolio with 7 carefully selected ETFs.

first“Standard operation type”Let’s start with our portfolio.

As a review, based on “60% of stocks and 40% of bonds”, we will combine them in the ratio of “40% of developed country stocks including Japan, 20% of emerging country stocks”, “30% of developed country bonds” and “10% of emerging country bonds”. It was.

In order to approach this ratio, I would like to propose two ways to combine seven ETFs[Chart below].

The first is a portfolio in which “60% of stocks” is one “Vanguard Total World Stock ETF” and “40% of bonds” is a portfolio managed by combining three ETFs[Chart below (A)].

 1 Vanguard Total World Stock ETF …… 60%
5 Vanguard / US Total Bond Market ETF …… 20%
6 Vanguard Total International Bond ETF (with US Dollar Hedge) …… 10%
7 Vanguard US Dollar Denominated Emerging Markets Government Bond ETFs …… 10%

For this portfolio (A)“51.0% of developed country stocks including Japan, 9.0% of emerging market stocks, 30% of developed country bonds, 10.0% of emerging market bonds”Will be.

The proportion of emerging market equities will be a little lower, but just by combining four ETFs, I propose“Standard operation type”You can build a portfolio of.


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