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July 5, 2022

We are recruiting participants for the “Children’s Zero Carbon Challenge” Summer Vacation! Shizen Energy Free Study Bus Tour & Workshop “” to be held on July 30th and 31st. Think about renewable energy through facility tours and experiments. Participation is free for elementary school students and their parents living in Tottori prefecture. Participants will be given a “Notes on Free Energy Research”. Applications are on a first-come, first-served basis.

【Bus tour】

◆ 30th, Western Area Course Meet at the Tottori Natural Environment Center (Ozaki, Yonago City).Touring Arahatago Power Station and Kasho Power Station

◆ 31st ・ Eastern district course Meet at Suiso Learning Umu (Gotanda-cho, Tottori City).Tour of Tottori ranch wind farm, workshop, etc.

◆ Capacity 15 groups of 30 people for each course

◆ Items to carry: Lunch boxes, beverages, stationery

◆ Application Nihonkai Shimbun Travel Department Telephone 0857 (23) 7738


◆ 31st

Experience the mechanism of solar power generation and solar car construction at the Natural Environment Center

◆ Capacity 15 groups 30 people

◆ Beverages, stationery

◆ Application Nihonkai Shimbun Western Headquarters Business Support Division Telephone 0859 (34) 8813

For details, please see the advertisement on page 21 of this paper or the special site on the Nihonkai Shimbun website.

* We ask for your understanding and cooperation in infectious disease control.

Organizer Tottori Prefecture Zero Carbon Tottori Shin Nihonkai Shimbun


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