Taichi Mukai, WONK, Regal Lily will appear at “INSPIRE TOKYO”, and Lena will perform for the first time in Japan!30 popular sake breweries participating in the food area and product development in the market area, as well as discount tickets for young people | J-WAVE (81.3FM) press release

Radio station J-WAVE (81.3FM) will hold the ultimate city festival “J-WAVE presents INSPIRE TOKYO ~Best Music & Market” in the middle of Tokyo, where you can enjoy music, markets and food on Saturday, September 17th. It will be held for the first time at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium (first gymnasium, second gymnasium, outer area) for three days on the 18th (Sun) and 19th (Mon/holiday).

This time, we will announce the appearance of Taichi Mukai, WONK, Regal Lily, and German artist Lena as the final additional artists, as well as the timetable for each stage over the three days. In addition, each exhibitor store in the market area has been decided, and in order to support U25’s summer memories, we have decided to implement a ticket cashback system.

“J-WAVE LIVE” is a large-scale J-WAVE summer live event that has been held every year without interruption since 2000. Starting this year, with the theme of “TOKYO CULTURE TO THE WORLD”, in addition to live performances by hot artists, there will also be a food court full of originality unique to Tokyo, a market, and more. It will evolve into “J-WAVE presents INSPIRE TOKYO ~Best Music & Market”. Bringing good influences from the Tokyo area to all over Japan and to the world = INSPIRE. Aiming for such a festival, we will start from this year.


  • Taichi Mukai, WONK, and Regal Lily will appear! German artist Lena, who is going viral on SNS, will perform for the first time in Japan!

4 additional artists have been decided to appear on the 3rd STAGE at Yoyogi 2nd Gymnasium. The 3rd STAGE has a theme for each schedule, and we have prepared a special stage that can only be seen here.

On Saturday, September 17th, German artist Lena will appear! “life was a beach” has gone viral on Japanese SNS (Instagram/TikTok), and in half a year it has surpassed a total of 700 million views, and she will perform for the first time in front of a Japanese audience. WONK and Regal Lily will appear on Sunday, September 18th. As an artist selected for the song “SONAR TRAX” recommended by J-WAVE, they will perform on the stage against the bands. Taichi Mukai will appear on September 19th (Monday / holiday).




Regal LilyRegal Lily

Taichi MukaiTaichi Mukai

Yoyogi 1st Gymnasium (1st STAGE/2nd STAGE), Yoyogi 2nd Gymnasium (3rd STAGE) artist lineup is up to the official website.

  • 3-day timetable released

The timetable for the day of “INSPIRE TOKYO” is as follows.

*All dates and times are approximate. It may change on the day.

  • Support U25’s “Making Summer Memories”!Get cash back on ticket prices, and get tickets with a fixed stage layout

Currently, we are accepting “Pia Pre-Reserve” tickets from 12:00 on August 3 (Wednesday) to 23:59 on August 14 (Sunday).

Recently, there are few bright topics such as the protracted corona sickness, the weak yen, and high prices, and the opportunities for young people, especially students, to create memories are drastically decreasing. In response to the voice of “I want to make fun memories with loved ones such as friends and family!”, “INSPIRE TOKYO” has decided to implement “U25 Memories Discount!” For those under the age of 25. rice field. For those eligible for “U25 Memories Discount!”, we will cash back 2,000 yen in cash for all ticket types from the regular ticket price at the venue on the day. Not only for those who purchase tickets from now on, but also for those who have already purchased tickets. There is also a market space with free admission in “INSPIRE TOKYO”, so you can enjoy meals, drinks and shopping with 2,000 yen cashback.

In addition, along with the finalization of the stage layout, we will sell a limited number of “annotated reserved seats” for 4,500 yen, where you can enjoy the 1st STAGE and 2nd STAGE at a reasonable price. This ticket is located at the back of the reserved seats, so it may be difficult to see part of the stage production.

Make the last memories of summer at “INSPIRE TOKYO”! We look forward to seeing you there.

Official homepage:https://www.j-wave.co.jp/special/inspire2022/
*Before applying for a ticket, be sure to read the infectious disease control guidelines.

In addition, various benefits are available for VIP ticket purchasers. As one of them, on the day of the event, a J-WAVE navigator will guide you through a backstage tour. In addition to the already announced Chris Pepler (“SAISON CARD TOKIO HOT 100”) on the 18th and Sasha (“STEP ONE”) on the 19th, DJ TARO (“SATURDAY NIGHT VIBES”) will be the navigator for the first day on the 17th. ) decided! Under the supervision of a popular J-WAVE navigator, you can enjoy behind-the-scenes views of the event venue that you cannot usually see.



  • From popular sake breweries to earth-friendly products, details of the market area are being announced one after another!

At the “INSPIRE TOKYO” venue, there is also a market area with free admission, including a food court. Under J-WAVE’s statement “For The Unique and Universal,” a market full of originality that is a bit different in conjunction with J-WAVE broadcasting will gather. We are pleased to announce the 30 sake breweries that will be exhibiting at “CRAFT SAKE WEEKEND” and the 10 brands that will be exhibiting at “ETHICAL MARKET” where eco-friendly and highly designed products are lined up.

■CRAFT SAKE WEEKEND List of sake breweries

・Akatake Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (Iwate Prefecture) “AKABU”
・Abe Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (Niigata Prefecture) “Abe”
・Aramasa Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (Akita Prefecture) “Aramasa”
・Hana no Kaori Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (Kumamoto Prefecture)
・ Yucho Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (Nara Prefecture) “Kaze no Mori”
・General partnership company Okishirokichi Main Store (Fukushima Prefecture) “Musical instrument Masamune”
・Kamonishiki Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (Niigata Prefecture) “Kamonishiki”
・Heiwa Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (Wakayama Prefecture) “Kido”
・Kiyasho Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (Mie Prefecture) “Yokon”
・Miyaizumi Meijo Co., Ltd. (Fukushima Prefecture) “Shoraku”
・Takagi Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (Yamagata Prefecture) “Juyondai”
・Okazaki Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (Nagano Prefecture) “Shinshu Kirei”
・Senkin Co., Ltd. (Tochigi Prefecture) “Senkin”
・Shiraito Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (Fukuoka Prefecture) “Tanaka Rokugo”
・Yoshida Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (Ishikawa Prefecture) “Tedori River”
・Choshu Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (Yamaguchi Prefecture) “Tenbi”
・Sumikawa Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (Yamaguchi Prefecture) “Toyo Bijin”
・ Niida Honke Co., Ltd. (Fukushima Prefecture) “Niidashi Zenshu”
・ Niizawa Brewery Co., Ltd. (Miyagi Prefecture) “Hakurakusei”
・Kuribayashi Sake Brewery (Akita Prefecture) “Harukasumi”
・Sanyo Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (Hyogo Prefecture) “Banshu Ikkon”
・Kangiku Meijo Joint Stock Company (Chiba Prefecture) “Sono Kankiku”
・Kobayashi Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (Tochigi Prefecture) “Houou Mita”
・Houken Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (Hiroshima Prefecture) “Treasure”
・Mii no Kotobuki Co., Ltd. (Fukuoka Prefecture) “Mitsui no Kotobuki”
・Imanishi Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (Nara Prefecture) “Mimuro Cedar”
・Yuki Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (Ibaraki Prefecture) “Yui Yui”
・Hachinohe Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (Aomori Prefecture) “Mutsu Hassen”
・Aizu Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (Fukushima Prefecture) “Yamanoi”
・Wakami Sake Brewery Partnership Company (Fukuoka Prefecture) “Wakami”

■ ETHICAL MARKET Exhibition List

◎ Ethical convenience store
Everyone has already realized that we have to change
But I don’t know what to do to change…
Environment, education, economy, gender…
It’s hard to pick up a thick book to understand
I can’t find my answer by searching the internet
Still there are people who act properly every day
There is a movement to face the society as it should be
Display ethical things and things
I want to create a chain of awareness
Convenience store that leads to the original richness


Cold-pressed juice made from non-standard crops from Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture, the UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy. “Out Of Standard” vegetables and fruits that are thrown away. What can we do to eliminate waste? It is a cold press juice with the initials of such Out Of Standard in the brand name.


Bio is a brand that aims to realize a rich life by proposing items that take advantage of the human- and earth-friendly functions of PlaX, a fiber made from sugar cane.


KOSelig JAPAN is a sustainable candle brand based on the concept of “friendly to the mind, body and the earth”.
Centered on candle shops and candle cafes directly managed by KOSelig JAPAN, we collect waste bottles of Japanese sake and wine together with companies and local residents.
We manufacture and sell “Japan’s first upcycled candles” that process and use collected bottles as candle containers in Fukuoka Prefecture.


“Dining table revolution” that begins with the micro-action of “eating”
Protein-rich soy meat is a strong ally of “beauty and health.” As a plant-based brand, we love the earth and nurture a new lifestyle for everyone.


A brand that handcrafts soaps, bath salts, perfumes, hair care, etc. that can be used all over the body from head to toe, using high-quality plant materials. What is good for your body is good for the earth. Thinking about the oceans and rivers that we find after washing our bodies, we choose raw materials.


I think of my mother, I think of my child.
That love fills the heart and weaves a rich world.
If the mother can smile, the children will surely be lively.
MY MOM is an ethical cosmetic that protects the health of the mother’s mind and skin.

◎ Soan

A new habit that maximizes your “personality”.
Add CBD to your daily life for a better life. If you change yourself, the world you see should also change.
My own new habits with Soan.

◎Tomorrow I will climb the persimmon tree

A plant-derived domestic delicate zone care brand that focuses on the ancient wisdom of persimmons. In order not to waste persimmons grown with love by farmers, we use persimmon skins that were discarded during the Anpo persimmon manufacturing process.

◎ Ethical Bamboo Co., Ltd.

living with bamboo
All the products we handle start with bamboo.
We do not stray from the axis of product planning, manufacturing and sales that make use of the infinite possibilities of bamboo.
A “manufacturing attitude” that always faces customers and the times
I want to cherish it.

■ DJ & MUSIC BAR produced by GREENROOM

A DJ & MUSIC BAR produced by GREENROOM will appear at the main gate area at the Harajuku exit of the venue! The entrance to the event will be decorated with a comfortable space and music that will make you feel the atmosphere of the GREENROOM FESTIVAL.


In addition, the J-WAVE program “BLUE IN GREEN” (every Saturday 12:00-15:00) and “SAISON CARD TOKIO HOT 100” (every Sunday 13:00-16:54) will be held at the event venue during the period. We have also decided to broadcast live from Amazon Music Studio Tokyo, which is adjacent to the. We will continue to announce information on the market area as it becomes available. Please look forward to the follow-up report.

Performance title: J-WAVE presents INSPIRE TOKYO ~Best Music & Market
Date and time: September 17, 2022 (Sat), September 18 (Sun), September 19 (Mon/holiday)
Venue: National Yoyogi Stadium First Gymnasium, Second Gymnasium, Outer Area

OPEN / START (scheduled to end):
Yoyogi Daiichi Gymnasium 1st STAGE OPEN 11:00 / START 12:00 (End 15:00) 2nd STAGE OPEN 17:00 / START 18:00 (End 21:00)
Yoyogi Second Gymnasium OPEN 12:00 / START 13:00 (End 20:00 scheduled)
MARKET AREA OPEN 10:30 / CLOSE 20:00 Scheduled

Fee (tax included):
ONE DAY/Arena Standing ¥16,500
(1st & 2nd Gymnasium, 2nd Gymnasium can be viewed)

1st STAGE / reserved seat ¥8,900
(Only the 1st stage of the first gymnasium can be viewed)
1st STAGE / Arena Standing ¥6,500
(Only the 1st stage of the first gymnasium can be viewed)

2nd STAGE / reserved seat ¥8,900
(Only the 1st gymnasium 2nd stage can be viewed)
2nd STAGE / Arena Standing ¥6,500
(Only the 1st gymnasium 2nd stage can be viewed)

1st / annotated reserved seat ¥4,500
(Seats that make it difficult to see part of the stage production. Only the 1st stage of the first gymnasium can be viewed)
2nd / Annotated reserved seat ¥4,500
(Seats that make it difficult to see part of the stage production. Only the 1st gymnasium 2nd stage can be viewed)

Gymnasium 2/reserved seat ¥5,500
(Only second gymnasium can be viewed)
Second Gymnasium/Arena Standing ¥5,000
(Only second gymnasium can be viewed)

*Tickets with each original goods (each + ¥ 1,100) are available

VIP 1-day ticket ¥110,000
(The first gymnasium can be viewed from VIP seats, and the second gymnasium can be viewed from the VIP area.)

・Viewing from VIP seats (first gymnasium/front room) and VIP area (second gymnasium)
・Backstage tour guided by J-WAVE navigator (with meeting time)
*There is no meeting with the performing artist
・ Take a commemorative photo individually on the stage before the performance (there is a meeting time)
*This is not a photo shoot with the performing artist.
・Beverages are available in the front room of the VIP seats (first gymnasium) (free drinks)
・With special original food (light meals planned)
・Exclusive entrance/with attendant
・ Assortment of official goods

*Limited number of tickets sold out* 3-day ticket / arena standing ¥33,000
(1st & 2nd Gymnasium, 2nd Gymnasium, available for viewing for 3 days)

U25 cashback
*On the day of the event, 2,000 yen will be cashed back for all ticket types only for those who have confirmed their identity with “ticket + ID card” at the window of the venue.
*Eligibility: Those born on or after September 20, 1996
*A public photo ID that verifies your identity and age is required at the reception. Please bring your own.
* Reception hours: 10:30 each day until the end of the 1st STAGE for 1st STAGE tickets, until the end of the 2nd STAGE for 2nd STAGE, 1DAY, and 3DAYS tickets
*Registration will not be accepted after the performance.

◎Even if you purchase a pass ticket, you will be required to leave the venue once after the 1st stage performance.
◎ Please check the official website for new coronavirus infectious disease countermeasures and other details.

Organizer: INSPIRE TOKYO Executive Committee
Planning/Production: J-WAVE / J-WAVE MUSIC / DISK GARAGE
Sponsored by: Shibuya Ward (market area)

Contact: DISK GARAGE: 050-5533-0888 (weekday 12:00-15:00)
Official website: https://www.j-wave.co.jp/special/inspire2022/
Event hashtag: #Inspa Tokyo


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    I’m glad our artist Lena have the chance to perform some of her songs live in Japan. I wish her good luck and hope she will find some real fans there too!

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