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A romance movie that became a big hit when it was released on May 20, which is Valentine’s Day in China last year.“I want you to stay here”.. Yuki Furukawa, who is extremely popular in Asia including Greater China, and Suzuko Mimori, a popular voice actor, will be dubbing the Japanese dubbed version.

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This work is a story of “love” born from a post that made a big reaction in January 2013 on China’s largest social culture site “Douban” with more than 200 million users. This work is not only about pure love, but also about 3650 days of love for 10 years, and while two people who love each other help each other to be happy and live hard, various problems such as money and home are encountered. Many spectators sympathized with the fact that they raised issues about the current state of marriage in China, causing a social phenomenon throughout China.

The main character of this work, Liu Ching Yang, is dubbed in Japanese by an actor who is very popular not only in Japan but also in Asia.Yuki Furukawa.. The main character, Liu Ching Yang, who thinks of a woman in her first love, is played wildly by Chinese popular actor Qu Chuxiao, but in the Japanese dubbed version, Mr. Furukawa’s cool but sweet voice is added.

It was a work with the theme of “pure love”, and I was very impressed and drawn to the style that was a bit different from Japanese romance movies. This is the first time I’ve dubbed a movie, but I’d like to be conscious of not destroying the nuances of the acting that the actor originally put out.

On the other hand, the Japanese dubbing of the role of lover Lin Eyao is not only a voice actor but also a popular voice actor who performs concerts at the Budokan as an artist.Suzuko Mimori.. Chang Jin-yi, who will star in the movie for the first time, is enthusiastically playing the role of Rin Yi-yao, who continues to support his beloved man no matter how difficult the situation. Also a must-see.

When I was in charge of dubbing Lin Eyao, I first watched this work as a single viewer, but the end rolls overflowed with tears.
It was a work that touched my heart with the painful love of Liu Ching Yang and Lin for 10 years.
The beautiful future that I envisioned when I was a high school student was a series of unexpected hardships and trials … Because it was based on a true story, I felt the harshness of reality more realistically. Even so, I would like many people to see how desperate they are to find a way to be together.

In addition, it has been decided to hold a stage greeting on July 17th (Sunday) with two voice actor casts on stage.

“I want you to be here” will be released sequentially from Friday, July 22nd at Cinem @ rt Shinjuku, Shinsaibashi and other locations nationwide.


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