Why did the “Pink Ribbon Design Award” for breast cancer enlightenment burn? Not only the parties need to be aware, but the courage to change society as a whole (1/5) | JBpress

The courage to change the whole society, not just the parties concerned

In February 2022, a poster calling for breast cancer screening went up in flames.

It is a poster designed with a picture of a red ball coming out of the Fukubiki lottery machine, with the words <90,000 people say "No way, I am" every year>. The flesh-colored lottery machine has a light pink handle that looks like a breast.

This is the “17th Pink Ribbon Design Award” held by the Pink Ribbon Festival sponsored by the Steering Committee of the Japan Cancer Society, Asahi Shimbun, Roppongi Hills, etc. This is a Grand Prix work selected from 1071 points by publicly soliciting “works that convey and call for medical examinations”.

The winning works were announced on October 1st, “Pink Ribbon Day,” and the Grand Prix works were used by local governments and traffic advertisements.In February of the following year, a person who saw this poster at the hospital posted on Twitter that he felt “very angry”, and it caught fire and spread, involving patients and other parties and gender issues, on the 21st of the same month. Apologized by one of the organizers, the Japan Cancer Society*..

The author, who experienced breast cancer, saw this poster and was angry at what kind of nerve it was to make cancer a “hit” for Fukubiki, and whether there were any patients who had already got a “hit”. Furthermore, the design that imitated the breast was also unpleasant.

* https://www.pinkribbonfestival.jp/591/

How to get non-parties to deepen their understanding without hurting the parties

Having been affected at the age of 32, I did not benefit from the recommended breast cancer screenings after the age of 40. After the follow-up is over and I am a candidate for the examination, I can’t think of the option of “not taking the examination”, so I have spent my time without being interested in the Pink Ribbon activities centered on the “Let’s have an examination” campaign.

That said, I was still lucky to be able to treat breast cancer that I found a lump on stage II. Therefore, I have a strong desire to have many people undergo medical examinations and self-checks for early detection and treatment, and to avoid getting a “hit”. In that respect, I agree with the purpose of the Pink Ribbon Campaign.

However, the enlightenment poster hurt many women’s hearts.


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